To Carry On.. Remembering the Love…

Today was my Grandpa Hubbard’s last day here with us.  I know he is resting in peace and is so lucky to be in Heaven now with my beautiful Grandmother.

I listen to this song and think of him and all of those who we have lost in our lifetime and know he is in my heart and now watching over the family and friends he has left behind. 

‘Awake’ by Josh Groban

It began with Donald’s Love for Margaret.  margaret and donald at the beach marg and don

Although their marriage was cut short when my Grandmother passed away in 1975 (3 years before I was born) they were in love and created a beautiful family who are so thankful and blessed knowing they are back together again.

Four Amazing Children

 IMG_2126georgia trip 080 georgia trip 039 georgia trip 060 georgia trip 071

Connie, Judy, Linda and Donald

Each of Margaret and Donald’s children went on to grow the Hubbard Family to what it is today.

Connie & Donald, Judy & Mark, Linda & Ashton &

Donald & Patricia.

*The name Donald is very popular*

linda ashton mark and judy don and patricia Donald and Connie

From these fabulous 4, grandchildren came and great grandchildren.  I love seeing how 2 people could create so much love and such a large family!

Connie’s children: Brian, Kevin and DarrenKevin Rebecca Katelyn James Jessica

Kevin & Rebecca who have James, Jessica and Katelyn

 Brian Amie Carter

Brian & Amie who have Carter and one on the way!

Darren Julie Megan Tyler

Darren & Julie who have Tyler and Megan

Judy’s Children: Amy and Jennifer

Amy Joel Sydney Brooklyn Jack

Amy & Joel who have Sydney, Brooklyn and James

Jennifer Hayburn


Linda’s children: Court & McKinley

Nadia Court Ashton Scarlett

Court & Nada who have Ashton & Scarlett

McKinley Jarrod Kaley Cam

McKinely & Jarrod who have Kaley & Cam

Finally, Don and his child: ME!


Janette & Erik with Ryan and Reese

I’m pretty proud of the family I have and am so thankful to my Grandmother and Grandfather to bringing us all together.

So that is 8 Grandchildren & 15 Great Grandchildren and more on the way! WOW!!

My Grandfather is going to be on St. Simons Island, Georgia with my Grandmother in probably the most beautiful setting I could imagine.

georgia trip 012 georgia trip 008 georgia trip 024  Love you Grandpa!! You will forever be missed!!!

IMG_2154 IMG_2121



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amanda said...

That is one big beautiful family! I hope you and your family are doing okay with this loss. It's comforting knowing he will be reunited with his Love up in heaven. :)

Anonymous said...


Great little tribute.

Thoughts and prayers coming your way, babe.

Anonymous said...


Great little tribute.

Thoughts and prayers coming your way, babe.

Kristi Kelly said...

Wow Janette what a great tribute post to your Grandpa!! I'm so sorry for your loss, but love how you added that he is in heaven with his late wife...that is super sweet:) Love ya friend!!

Mamarazzi said...

what a lovely post and sweet tribute to your grandad.