Random Thursday…

Warning:  Long Random Thursday…

First I want to ask you to please notice the fabulous new button to the left.  This was created by the team (specifically Lauren) from Designer Blogs

So, what is it for?  Well, I think I mentioned this earlier in another post, can’t recall when… but anyway—a gal pal of mine Allison and I decided to team up to create our own weekly meme.  Inspiration for this came from a post she did about her BFF which made me think that we should really be telling our friends and family just how much they mean to us while we have the chance. 

We decided to do a Tribute Tuesday’s which will be a link party where we ask YOU, our readers to participate by posting a Tribute to someone who means a lot to you and passing it on.  There are no rules about WHO you post about, but I guarantee not only will it make you feel good to introduce your ‘person’ but that ‘person’ will also feel good.  WIN-WIN! This starts Next Tuesday 3/22/11!!!! Get your brains rollin’….

Who do you want to pay tribute to?  Will it be your Mom?  Your Best Friend?  Perhaps someone you lost?  Someone you just met? 

Who inspires you?   TRIBUTE TUESDAYS There will be a few rules to link up, but they are so easy—for example, you will follow both me and Allison… you will need to add the button to your blog permanently and be open minded to the idea of giving someone you love/care/adore about some compliments they deserve!!! See.. EASY! 


Now… on to some random thoughts I have… I post things like this because they get stuck in my head and I repeat them over and over sometimes and writing them out some how makes me feel better.  More importantly, I am hoping others out there wonder the same thing… <please tell me I’m not alone, ha!>

Ever wonder……Why don’t vending machines take pennies?  Do you know how many pennies I have in my purse weighing it down like a pound of bricks?

penny pennies

Ever wonder……Do you ever wonder why people sit soo stinkin’ close the the wheel in their car?  I did that when I first started driving and noticed it just made me drive faster, at least that’s the excuse I told my folks when I got my first speeding ticket…. scoot that SEAT Back people, you look ridiculous!  I know there are short people out there, but come on.


Ever wonder……Speaking of cars… if you have kids, you may wonder about this also.  Now, while I’m a huge supporter of safety for children in car seats… lets try to be a tad realistic.  My son is 3yrs old.  He weighs 37lbs right now and his legs are long enough that he has no choice but to kick the seat in front of him b/c he has no room.  If there is a person riding in that seat, they can either push their chair up to the windshield to escape that constant kicking or suffer.  Then there is Reese who is almost 9 months old and seems to have these long legs too… her lil’ legs dangle off the end of the car seat so much that she basically has to bend them to sit comfortably since she is facing the rear.  Seems a tad crazy that she still has about 3 more months to go and I’m sure she’ll only grow with more discomfort. 

carrier britax

Ever wonder……Have you ever wondered why people who smoke in their cars (if you smoke you can answer this and please don’t be offended) throw the butt’s out the window?  Not only am I fearful that my car will explode when I roll over it because I have this strange fear that I could have a massive gas leak or oil coming out…. but if its okay to smoke in your car and get it all funky, then why not keep it within.  Get a lil’ butt can and put it in there.

car blow up butts

Ever wonder…… Safety first while driving, right?  Lets limit texting and phone calls.  All for it.  Guilty, but all for it.  I called my dear friend Kristi and this might be the first time she finds out about this… but her voice mail says her intro… “Hey this is Kristi, please leave a message”.. Then you hear this random operator lady give a list of instructions.  If you would like to leave a message, Please press 1 or wait for the beep  <—JUST BEEP ALREADY! or Press 2 to send a numeric message.  I usually wait for the beep.  I am trying to be safe after all and not be looking at my phone to press yet another button or try to leave a numeric message! Can you imagine!? 

click buttons

Ever wonder……Lastly…. Where does road rage come from?  We all have it.  We all get annoyed.  To what extent is individual but WHY is it so HARD or so ANNOYING to merge with traffic?  Why is that ‘turkey’ so adamant on NOT letting me over?  Why am I so annoyed to let someone OVER!?  I have days when I am so happy to let someone cut in.  I even think to myself.. “Aw, Janette, that was a Random Act of Kindness.” so silly… what’s the big deal?  I have no idea but I know I’ve held on to my anger about it during an entire ride home before and I wish it didn’t bother me.

rage rage2 rage3

I guess more of those were car related… I am spending on average 2 1/2 to 3 hours a day in the car….. I have loads of time to think of these things..

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on the linky party! :)

I feel the same way about driving over a cigarette butt. I cringe each time it happens!!

Jessica said...

Yaaaa for your new button and Tribute Posts!!!

Never thought about Pennies in a vending machine!

I'm so guilty of road rage. I like to drive fast but safely. I don't cut people off or weave in out of traffic. When people cut me off or ride my butt I get so TICKED!