Monday Already?

Hey friends- Just wanted to remind you to get your thinking caps on for tomorrow is the 2nd week of Tribute Tuesdays!!! We would love you to link up with us!

I actually am glad its Monday, even though its a tough day of the week for most.  Erik had Army Drill this weekend which means I was home with the kids SOLO for 3 days and I’m just glad we all survived. 

Ryan’s favorite thing to say to me right now is:  NO!  I love my son dearly.  He is one of the most amazing parts of my life and yet I wanted to throw myself down the stairs on Saturday from all of the little tricks he had up his sleeve.  Yes, I am admitting my motherhood life is not all gumdrops and fairytales. 


I do know that I will have some great stories to share with him when he gets older. 

Sunday we got out and met some friends from school and two of my teacher friends at the school too!!  I had mentioned in a previous post how excited I was to get everyone together and how awesome it was that EVERYONE could go, but wouldn’t ya know it—we wake up Sunday to temps down in the 40’s, maybe a high of 58 with drizzle and clouds.. so, naturally some backed out and yet the party still had to go on…

Here are some of my favorite moments… I am definitely looking forward to going back to the Dallas Arboretum with the crew again, hopefully everyone can come then! 

group 1

Ryan, Emma, Me,Reese, Emily, Courtney, Anna, Jaina & Krista


Here is Emma with Ryan and Reese.  The special thing about Emma is that she has been apart of Ryan’s life since he was 12 weeks old and has known Reese all her life.  She is Ryan’s teacher currently and if she doesn’t take flight and find a new path, hopefully she will be teaching Reese someday too.  I just think its so neat to find people who make such an impact on your life and your children’s and you get to be friends with them too!! Love ya Emma!!

And, as I said… some teachers become friends and Emma and Emily have both become good buds with a common love for these ridiculous Miss Me Jeans! So, it was just too cute not to pass up getting a bootie shot of our obsession!

group 4




Aw… the girls…

girls wuz up

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Jessica said...

You mean if I become a mom I won't get to sit around eating bon bons and drinking margaritas? DAMN. HAHA. Gotta love it when they find the word NO!

Love all the pics of your day out with friends! Booty shots! Cute idea!!

amyl136 said...

Looks like ya'll had a great time! I am bummed we missed it but would love if another opportunity to go comes around. Love the Miss Me shot. Praying I will be able to fit in mine again soon! Lol.

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

My almost 3-year-old is a big "No!" man right now. I'm hoping I'll be able to bribe him better as he matures.