Love ya Friday!

Got time?  Good… this is might be a long one people!  Grab some water (for all you non-water drinkers who should be drinking more) and some popcorn or chips.  Sit back. 

I am going to start by participating in a weekly Friday Confessional!  WHOA!  A Fun Blog that I started to follow hosts this each week and I thought.. why the heck not!  I’m up for yet another challenge!  Dandelion Wishes blog is the name if you wanna check it out.  Its simple if you wanna link up, go to her blog and confess away.

button I confess….

I started drinking coffee when I turned 30 and now I dream about white chocolate mochas from Starbucks all the time.

I confess….

I chewed out the girl at the drive through window at Starbucks one morning for yelling over the speaker (it wasn’t the first time she yelled).  I hadn’t had my cup of coffee yet—I was cranky.

drive through yelling

I confess….

Even though I have major anxiety about leaving my kids home with a sitter (family member), I really do love getting a break.  Just hard to force myself to ask or say yes.

I confess….

I cannot and will not ever give up chocolate or mac n’ cheese.  Look at this amazing dessert I had to stop and get last night. (Linda’s Fudge Cake)

IMG_7734 IMG_7727

I confess….

I wish I was a better Mother and have days when I think my kids should trade me in for a better model.

I confess….

I am a worry wart.  I worry about everything. 

I confess….

I complain too much… nuff said.


I have said before how I am craft challenged, but while in Hobby Lobby I got this idea to get some blank onesie’s and do some iron on work for this vision I had. 

My daughter has been given a nickname in her classroom at school.  They lovingly call her Muffin.  Turns out each of the lil’ babes have a nickname, so I thought it would be cute to make a onesie for each of the girls.. line them up for a picture wearing their names proudly. 

Here is Reese’s shirt (front and back)


I really was envisioning something cuter… more bling or something, I don’t know.. but I think the kids did a good job of making them cute by being cute themselves..


princess squad

Lil’ cutie pies!! This is the S n’ L Girls Squad… Anna, Reese, Payton & Jaina.  S’ stands for Stanfield and L’ is for Love who are their wonderful teachers!

Snl squad I realize this is a tad long, so I’ll save my other pictures for another post….

TGIF people!!

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Jenna said...

Janette! You're a great mom!!! Ryan and Reese are proof of that!

The onesies are adorable! You did a great job!

Jessica said...

YUMMMY! That Cake looks AWESOME!!

The onesies are ADORABLE! Such cute little girlies!

BTW You are a great mommy!

amanda said...

Oh my goshness, cute baby overload!!

I'm glad you found my blog, helping me to find your blog. :) I LOVE finding people from/in Texas! I miss it so much, it makes me feel a little less homesick.

I didn't start drinking coffee until later on either. I hated hated hated the taste of drip coffee especially, but now I drink it every morning.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could be a better mother too. Sometimes I feel like I am the worst mother.

I love those onesies, so cute!

Cherished Bliss said...

The onesies are adorable!! and so are the little ones wearing them! TOO cute : )

J FAM Blog for the Soul said...

It's my first time here, your blog is cute!! I wish I could make cool onesies like that!!

Amy said...

I love those onesies!! I'm not sure I buy that you're craft-challenged :)

Take a load off and enjoy your weekend :)

Anonymous said...

Ok.... you are worrying me that you worry so much. So stop worrying. Geez... Im worrying that you won't stop worrying. OK.. that's enough..... worrying. *snort*

CU-ute onesies. Those iron-ons are amazing.
You can also go to Etsy and get those little iron on appliques. Ya know... like initials and such.

Still a little jelly about the cake, sista.

Mamarazzi said...

i had all kinds of things to say about your confessional (i loved it) but got super distracted by all the cute babies.

sooooo cute!

thanks for linking up, happy to have you join in!!

Ashley said...

I love the onesies, super cute! :) Being a mommy is one of the hardest jobs (I nannyed for 4 years..which isn't comparable but I got a nice glimpse and I have SUCH a great respect for mommys) I am sure you are a fantastic mom. ;)

Angela said...

So very cute! new follower

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

My guess is your a fabulous mom. My daughter has specifically asked for a new family before. Super cute onesie and baby pictures!!! Janae

Liberty said...

The onesie's turned out super SUPER cute!!

And, I KNOW you are a fabulous mother. :) My kids ask if I've had my coffee in the morning if I'm overly cranky...