In my bag

I like to think I am a pretty organized person.  My husband would say that I’m a bit OCD in some categories, but I have my flaws too… don’t we all!

So, in the last day or so, my wallet’s zipper has finally given up and cut loose.  Change is now in all crevices of my purse.  I have no idea how I accumulate so many pennies, but anyway….

I’d like to introduce you to my purse.  My very first and probably last Coach bag.  A friend of mine at work is a HUGE bag collector and loves the high end purses.  I’ve always been a Kohl’s or Target purse kind of gal and I never have owned more than 1 purse at a time.  I hold on to them until the straps fall off!  One day, mine did…. I had some birthday money accumulated that made buying a Coach bag seem ‘okay’ at the time.  I have had this purse now for 2 years. 

purse 5

So, to get an idea of how big this purse is… you really can’t fit much in here.

purse 3 I don’t know how a lot of Mothers handle large purses or even those who aren’t Mothers and carry around those large-arse bags and find anything!  My zipper issue on my wallet led to more problems.  I let my contents get out of control!

purse 2Nothing in my purse is really needed.  All I have a need for is my keys, my license and my debit card and maybe some chap stick… but yet I have all of these cards, and just can’t throw them away!! What if I need them!?  <—that’s what I tell myself.

Well, today I stopped by my favorite joint of Starbucks.  I was rolling towards the drive through window to pay.  I whip out my purse and realize, ‘oh my purse is a DISASTER!’ I pull out EVERY thing.  I cannot locate my one important debit card.  I search through my stacks of cards which include my Carter’s 20% off discount that is ABOUT to expire, my Bath & Body Works gift card that I’ve had for going on 2 years because I just don’t shop there and business cards I have collected and this woman at the window is watching me frantically searching.  I felt so bad.  I offered to pull around and come inside.  She says, ‘This one is on us, just try to have a better day’. 

So even the smallest purse carriers like me who have about this much space:

purse 1Have a hard time finding things in their purse.  Turns out there was 1 pocket I did not check and found my card.  This will be the 3rd time this week that I have misplaced my card in my own purse.  

This experience though has forced me to get my purse back in order and carry on…

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Jessica said...

Man you have a tiny purse! I may steal your idea and do a similar post when I change purses for the spring. I'm a bag lady. I love purses. But I'm a CHEAP bag lady (no surprise there huh?). So I'm on the hunt for a new spring purse that is less that $20.

My bag now is about medium size but it's like a mary poppins bag. It looks small but I can fit a TON of stuff in it!

Laura@livingabigstory said...

This post just made me smile. My mom always carried a GINORMOUS-HONKIN'-MOMMA purse .... and could (of course) never find anything. I carry a medium size purse .... and can never find anything.

So maybe it's not the size of the purse, maybe it's the purse itself? LOL

@ Jessica, if you find a new purse you like, you'll have to let me know. I'm on the lookout and under $20 sounds AWESOME!

Jenna said...

I do that all the time. I almost never put my card back into my wallet so it floats around in my purse. I feel sooooo stupid digging for it. I have carried all different sizes of bags. I've been carrying a med. size coach bag that was my first mother's day gift. I love it but I'm so bored carrying it. I love to swap out bags. I really love "cheap" colorful bags. I feel guilty carrying anything but the coach bag now.

Liberty said...

I have mostly hand me down purses from my sister!! She likes to splurge and then gets tired of them... so, I have several high end purses. I do have a NASTY habit of filling my purse with too much junk, just taking out what I need, and moving to a new purse. I think I have 5 purses in my bedroom at the moment with junk in them.... not proud.... sigh

Russo said...

You have great taste in purses! I wish I could wear a tiny purse. I am 6'2 so if I wear something tiny I look like a giant :) Such a fun post.

Russo @