How I spent Spring Break

best spring breakBack in high school, it was always so exciting to return to school the following Monday after Spring Break so we could tell all of our friends who were not apart of our plans what we did on our vacation.   I sat waiting my turn in class as one of my teachers went around the room asking everyone what they did on Spring Break.


Here’s a trip down my memory lane for the BEST week of my Spring Break Life!!

Day 1:

We started off with a bang and arranged for a hot air balloon ride that lasted all day touring the city!

balloon4 balloon1 balloon2 balloon3

Day 2:

It was so much fun and yet scary at the same time—We were being dare devils and decided to conquer our fears of heights an take the plunge… We went bungee jumping and zip Lining!! WOOOO!!! Talk about AMAZING!

zipline bungie2 bungie zipline2

I think my classmates were all getting jealous, especially as I kept going!!

Day 3:

We met up with some friends who own a lake house and decided to spend the day jet skiing and playing in the water!

jet skiing jet skiing2

Day 4, 5 & 6:

We got up super early to catch a flight to our finale of our spring break!  The weather was perfect, the snow was fluffy and it was sunny while we were there! I even got a little tan on my face! 

snow skiing snow skiing2 snow skiing3

DAY 7:

We spent this day flying home and resting up so we could get ready to come back to school and go back to work on Monday.

Ahh… wouldn’t that be the best Spring Break? 

I think so…. if it were actually true.  Luckily the only person in my class who was sitting there listening knew what my real Spring Break week was like because I spent it with her.  We saw movies, hung out by the pool and daydreamed about where we would rather be. Ya see, I spent so many hours and days leading up to each Spring Break in high school coming up with these amazing plans and trying to coordinate ways to get my friends to do a group trip and they always fell apart.  So, my Spring Breaks were always spent at home… mostly bored. 

I still have these crazy dreams of where I would love to go but for now, I am just grateful for Spring Break because it means less traffic for me to drive to work!


What was your best Spring Break?  Or were you a dreamer like me!?

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Anonymous said...

I was dreamer like you, I always spent spring break at home.

Jessica said...

HAHA! I don't know that I could survive all of that in one week! I wish I was brave enough to get in a hot air balloon. I think it would be awesome but I'm TERRIFIED of heights. I really can't even swing that high without getty quesy!

My spring breaks were always spent at home too. I went on my ver first vacation EVER in 2005. We went to Destin, FL and stayed a week. It was awesome.

Mamarazzi said...

hilarious...i was reading that and was feeling very jealous!

amanda said...

That's great! I was thinking, 'She had a LOT more money than I did as a teenager!"

I don't recall ever doing anything that fun over spring break. I made it to South Padre one year because that was the "cool" thing to do. However, I didn't really have fun...not my cup of tea.