How do you do it!?

First of all, Congrats to Kaye for being the winner to my Scentsy Give Away!! I always appreciate those who sign up!! I look forward to the next give away so stay tuned!!!

I was just thinking…. and figured if you are reading maybe you can help me…. First… at little background….

When I was growing up, I saw my Dad working and LOVING his job.  He is a Geologist and while I think looking at rocks and finding oil is as interesting as watching grass grow… he still found his nitch and LOVED his job!!  I aspired for this.  I also had aspirations to bring home my own check with money I earned!!

My first job began when I was 14years old.  I started off at a video store called ‘Box Office Video’.  It was easy and I spent all my money buying french fries or something equally as ridiculous.


Then when free time was available later in high school I started working at JcPenney’s in the kids department, The Limited Too and Kirkland's… both were great and lots of fun!

jcpenny's kids limited tookirklands 

Summers in my first few years of college were spent a Z-Tan… a tanning salon where I probably ruined my skin for life, but met lots of great friends!  I also learned that being Tan and Tasty was much cooler than being Pale and Pasty! Sad huh?


In college I worked at The Limited & Structure.. both were fun and met some great friends from this venture as well as got a great discount on fun clothes for my college wardrobe! Oh and this is when I thought collecting credit cards was COOL… pshaa….not!

structure limited

I was recruited to a store down the way called Tucker Brown.  It was the smallest store EVER and sold Brighton purses, shoes and all things Brighton.  I eventually became the manager of the store and hired my besties to come work with me there and a few other good friends!


When I graduated from college I had no idea what I wanted to do with my English Degree or my minor in Sociology.  I went back to work at The Limited back in Dallas until I could figure it out.  I got lucky and knew a friend who was working at Alcatel and they were hiring! I got hired as a Planner and the rest is almost history.


My division was bought out by another company where I am still working to this day as a Program Manager. 


So why am I telling you my entire work history?  I think the only thing I lack here is to tell you how long I spent at each establishment and list references… but my question is actually to the stay at home Mom’s out there.


Especially to those who are stay at home mom’s who are also making money.  I am not sure I could ever be a stay at home Mom, but the idea of it has always looked appealing.  My assumptions are that my pals who stay at home have hubbies who make a bagillion a year, have an amazing craft that brings home money or are better at shopping and being frugal than me.  I love that I have a career but I do envy those who get to be at home with their children.

Not that my hubs would ever go for it.. but I wish I could find something I could do from home that would still give me that feeling I have when I bring home a paycheck of my own to put in the pot.

Any tips?

Here are some pictures to wrap up our weekend of fun in the sun and relaxing!


Fun in the sun RJ


reese in the sun

Happy Monday!!

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Jessica said...

Cute pictures!!!

I used to sell Mary Kay. It pretty much sells itself once you put it on people's faces but you do have to do facials and parties to get business. I loved it because there wasn't quotas and you only HAD to place an order every 3 months. Avon is another good one.

A friend of mine sells Scentsy and she loves it. Another party type company.

Anonymous said...

Mark another one up for Mary Kay. I don't do parties nearly as much because I have others under me and I get a percentage from them.
But I also use to do medical transcription from home. That was the best paying job EVA!! I just quit because I was literally on call 24 hours. The doctor use to call me on weekends and dictate a letter to me.-- I felt trapped and needed to get out. But not everyone is like that.

I will be honest, I miss the outside world at times.- because I also homeschool my children. But thankfully, GNO/weekends are a blessing and the hubs is gracious to keep the kids.

Gauger Family said...

I am so jealous of my friends that get to stay home. I know I will never be able to do that :( If you ever find a legit way to work from home (that doesn't involve pestering friends and family) let me know :)

Liberty said...

It's funny that you wrote this post!! I was pondering a post about being envious of mom's who get to go to work!!

It's hard... I miss work... I miss using my degree... I have to force myself to get dressed somedays... I feel like a failure more days than I feel successful... confessions of a SAHM.

BUT, I know that I'm blessed to be able to spend this time with muh babes. I know that I will look back and miss these days. I know that they need me at home. I know that one day they won't care if I'm home with them or not... so, I trudge on, step over the army guys I've already picked up 20 times today, wipe the baby snot off my cheek, and count my blessings

Cherished Bliss said...

I struggle alot with this. I LOVE staying at home with my littles ones (some days more than other..haha) but I do feel like I don't really have anything of my a hobby. Which is why I started Cherished Bliss ( because it's something that I get to do that doesn't involve my children. I think every woman needs a few moments to herself! anyways... I was hoping that by doing my craft hobbies and selling them that I would also make some money. Although with one sale I'm not doin too Because we certainly make sacrifices with me staying at home. But I don't have a degree so I would basically be working to pay for childcare. I did help my husband with real estate alot before he started working from home again and that wasn't too bad. But we sell foreclosures so it is alot of communicating through email and you aren't chasing down buyers and constantly on the phone. But I didn't mind the real estate too much. I've thought about getting a license

Ashley Jansen said...

So this isn't going to be an insightful comment - I just wanted to tell you it made me smile to see your chalkings. Brought be back to all those slambook entry's from middle/high school. Love you!

hello said...

I'm so glad you got your pictures back. What a relief! Love that picture of your dog. How cute. I definitely snoozed on the pick your plum. I'll check it out View news!