Crazy Imagination

Every night before bed, Ryan gets to pick a book to read.  We have several Dr. Seuss books and some of them are very fun to read.. others are ‘eh’ okay.  It is our tradition that I read the words on the left side of the page and Erik reads the words on the right side.. that way we are taking turns and both reading to him.  I cannot tell you how many times I have looked at Erik after reading my side and even said in a whisper to him,

“Was he on drugs?!”

I researched this and I know I’m not the only one to ask this question about good ole’ Dr. Seuss but gosh, what an imagination!!!!200px-FoxInSocksBookCoverThis book Fox in Socks is one of my favorites that we read.  We literally have to slow down and sound like we are in 1st grade learning to read again just to get the words out.  I just think its crazy how we go from talking so easily about Fox and Knox and socks and then we’re flopping our way through Tweetle Beetles in a Paddle Battle Muddle.

Say this fast:

"When a fox is in the bottle where the tweetle beetles battle with their paddles in a puddle on a noodle-eating poodle, THIS is what they call...
...a tweetle beetle noodle poodle bottled paddled muddled duddled fuddled wuddled fox in socks, sir!"


Dr. Seuss was quite an interesting cat.  I was reading that he had a moral blind spot on the issue of Japanese back in the World War II time frame and after the war he overcame his animosity towards the Japanese and wrote “Horton Hears a Who” which he dedicated to a Japanese friend!  200px-HortonHearsAWhoBookCover So, apparently he wrote many of his books with some ideas in mind that were political (he was hard left liberal Democrat, ew)and personal feelings he had about the world around him!! Interesting.  I never knew.  Just thought the man was on crack.

We do enjoy these books and the harder the tongue twisters are, the better.  I cannot imagine what Ryan is thinking when we are reading them!!

My newest idea is to write some books myself, or maybe I need to put it on my Bucket List.  I have been telling Ryan stories that are completely made up and if Dr. Seuss can do it, then so can I!  I’m not that popular or well known…. but as Dr. Seuss said, “A person's a person, no matter how small!!"

So, some day you may see a story or two on the shelf about ‘Skunkie’, ‘Tootie’ and their dog ‘Funkie’.

Happy Wednesday.

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Mamarazzi said...

oh yeah Dr. Seuss is a freaking riot and a nut case. but kids love that junk.

you should totally write a book. i have a few written and i am hoping to meet the right illustrator someday.


Anonymous said...

You could totally write a book, babe. You have the warped sense of humor. I mean, great and sharp mind! ;) *snort*

Anonymous said...

yay Dr. Seuss love it nina and I we read it too. love the sense of humor

J FAM Blog for the Soul said...

My husband keeps saying he's going to make books for the kids. He's the artist in our family....they've got some pretty strange books out there. We have the Happy Birthday Dr.Seus book...that one's pretty crazy.

You could read a story about poop and kids don't care :)

Russo said...

I LOVED this post- I had no idea on all that about Dr. Suess. And you could so be a writer because your blog posts are always interesting. You have voice which is everything (so says my writing teacher) Go for it!

Russo @

Liberty said...

COMPLETELY with you on this post!! Emily's favorite book forever and ever was "Hop on Pop." She reads it to Finley now and he hangs on her every word. :)

Rebekah said...

We love Dr Seuss too! Cilla loves one about Eyes.... I don't even know the title.. There is a cute and kind of educational one call "Oh The Things You Can Do That Are Good For You!" It is super cute and a household fav!

Jessica said...

I need a signed copy when you get published please!! Don't forget us other "small" people when you are famous :)

I loved Dr Suess as a kid. I can't remember what book was my favorite. I can just remember some of the pages and what they looked like. Surprisingly books weren't a big part of my childhood and my parents never read me bedtime stories. I think my grandparents had books that I would read and that's where I read Dr Suess.