A Bucket List?

I keep thinking of things to put in my ‘NOTES’ on my iphone and I even put things in Erik’s ‘NOTES’ on his Iphone of my wish list.  I think of things all of the time that I wish I could do, want to get done and all it is…..  a list. 

I know there are a bunch of folks out there who have created a bucket list.  When should you start one?  Up to this point, I have yet to really create a list that I am deeming as my life goals, its just always been a wish that I guess I was hoping a fairy godmother would come down and grant me someday…..

Actually when I was little and a huge fan of Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie, I would rub my nose like Tabitha or move my lips from side to side like Samantha and bop my head like Jeannie.   Ah, the days when I believed what was on TV was actually real.

03-tabitha-stevens-bewitched bewitched3 jeanie

So, I need to put my wishes into goals and make my goals into reality otherwise, I may never do it and keep waiting for my fairy godmother to come or my magic skills to come to life!

A fear I have about making a bucket list is…. how realistic should it be?  I mean, we are talking about dreams right?  I should be able to go all out…. would you?


1.  Go to Hawaii

2.  Take my kids to Disney World

3.  Go on a cruise for no less than 10 days

4.  Go to New York City, eat a hotdog, pizza and hit all of the highlights of New York!

5.  Open my own business

6. Go see the Grand Canyon

7.  Go see Niagara Falls

8.  Go to California and stay in the hot spots, play on the beach.

9.  Have 6 more children.  <—haha! just kidding, really, I”m kidding! I want to go to Tahiti (more serious than the kids one.. just making sure you were paying attention).

10.  Own something from Tiffany’s (jewelry preferred)

Okay.. there’s a list of 10… but of course there are a bunch more.. but I at least have a start.

In other news….

I have noticed there are a bunch of meme’s out there and ran across a friend’s blog where she was basically doing a journal entry or letter to a best friend she lost.  It was so touching and I thought—hey, lets team up and create a meme and something that others can do….  This is in the works and I am not sure when we will go LIVE, stay tuned.  Allison and I are working out the details and are excited to share with you soon!!!! 

And.. I finally have my card reader with me and can load a few pictures of the little people to share..then I realize that I left my purse at home (horrible feeling to be without it).. and inside is where my card with the pictures are located.  One of these days I will get it right…. agh!

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Jessica said...

I love you list! I have a list too (seperate page on my blog). Sometimes I forget I have it and should revisit it and get some of it done but life gets in the way.

Can't wait to see what you meme is! I love them!

I'm totally having a "can't get right" kind of week. Eventually I will reply back to your email.

Kristin P said...


Hi! I'm a new follower and would love for you to stop by and follow back! Thanks! ;)

I've been thinking a lot about making a bucket list lately.

Russo said...

Oh, you were so sweet to follow my blog and leave a comment. Thank you so much! I love the idea of actually doing a bucket list. Thanks for the inspiration.

Russo @ www.threegnomes.blogspot.com

Liberty said...

I think that bucket list is completely attainable!! I haven't made one, but I think about doing it. I definitely want to go to Europe.... anywhere in Europe will do, I'm not really that picky.

I would like to go on a cruise as well. Hey, I know... I could go on a Mediterranean Cruise. 2 birds with one stone. Hmmm, better start saving though.

Rebekah said...

I love a good bucket list!