Are you Hip?

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As you grow older, you are more aware of all of the things you DO NOT KNOW.  I just learned today how to make a heart symbol while chatting with a friend on Facebook.  Its not like I'm ancient or anything!  My children are ages 3 and below and its not like they come home teaching me the cool new fun words or showing me the hottest thing out there.  I was just wondering... how do you stay hip? 

I just created The Johanson Journey page on Facebook and although I have no idea what I am doing, I suddenly feel more hip.  Wanna "like" it and get updates?  Well mosey on over to this LINK and you too can be hip like me... or attempt like me.  HA!

Have you ever heard of Athleta?  I got a magazine in the mail from them and I guess they are tied to The Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic... all great stores... I took a quick peek and they have some really cute stuff!  I love a bathing suit that conservatively covers and is comfy!

 bathing suit top bottoms

I think I’m just ready for spring and summer to come!!  I love longer days and a good tan!

bottom 2 top

Have a great weekend!

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1 comment:

Jessica said...

I "liked" your facebook page! :)

Love the first bathing suit!!

I try to stay hip through the 18 year old girl that works here at the office. She keeps me up to date on all the hollywood drama and what's cool. HAHA!