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You know when you have kids that the pets will tend to be LAST on the list and I am so sad that it happened to me.  I swore I would never let my Mackie Mae feel like she was on the bottom of the totum pole, but it just happens.  Many times since I have had Mackie, I have said she was the ‘love of my life’.  Dogs or all animals for that matter can really fill your heart more than you ever thought possible.  

This post is a few days old, but Mackie turned 9 years old on Monday, March 1st and she’s just as much apart of our family as our children and we are so lucky to have such a sweet and loving dog.  She has been so good to the kids.  She lets Ryan crawl on her and pull her tail.  She adores Reese and licks her like a popsicle.  Other than her hair and random moments where she makes a licking sound in the middle of the night and wakes me up, I still think she’s the ‘fur’ love of my life.

March 1st 2002, “Thunder’s First White Cloud” was born <—that is her AKC name.  Mackie was chosen as her common name after the perfume that I wear.  She was the most relaxed dog in the group and had 2 nylon bands around her neck to tell her apart from the rest.  Amazing how much she has grown!!

Mackie 1


Ryan and Mackie

reese and mackie

In other news… Reese is officially crawling and pulling up!! So proud of her!! I know everyone thinks their own kids are adorable, but I got a few pictures of her and I just look at them and think she is so beautiful… Its okay to brag b/c I’m the Momma even though she will probably be 16years old before she ever says the actual words…

So Pretty


Please continue to keep my Grandfather in your prayers as he is now in a nursing home with hospice and at this point they are just trying to keep him comfortable. 

Grandpa HubbardIMG_5081

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Cherished Bliss said...

Such a cute doggie!! My poor dog has been neglected lately! He needs a bath... I won't touch him he stinks so bad!!

Will be praying for your grandfather!!

Jessica said...

Your kids are so cute. I love Reese's little chunky legs!!

Happy Birthday to Mackie. Our Terrier (Lexi) just had her 3rd birthday on 2/28. She is definately our baby and I don't know what I'll ever do without her. Your post really makes me miss our Choc Lab (Pepper). She was 10 and we had to put her down a little over a year ago. She was the best dog ever. She would let kids crawl on her, be loud around her, and was a great guard dog. Miss her :(

Praying for your Grandpa!