What’s in a Name?

I feel like I am about to lose my mind!  I haven’t been out of the house since Monday due to the ice, unless you count the time I walked out my front door in an attempt to check the mail and slipped and fell on my arse.  I do enjoy spending time with my lil’ babes, but I don’t think I’m alone when I say that I need a break.  I wouldn’t even care if I took the kids with me but more so a break from being in this house.. I have come to dislike real fires and have gas logs on my wish list for anyone in need of ideas.  Its about 9:30pm and I can’t fall asleep yet b/c there are still glowing embers in the fireplace.. So….. that leads me into my story since I have some spare time.

I also ask you to please pardon the pictures I am posting because they are pictures of pictures and I’m clearly a shaky picture taker and didn’t listen to my Pap’s advice and use a tripod.

Speaking of Pap which we will get to his name later…. he stopped by this evening to bring some milk and a couple of other necessities since I haven’t been able to get out and Ryan was thrilled to see another person other than me, so Pap had him in his lap and told him a story or two.  The first story was a scary one about a woman with a golden arm… the second one goes a little like this:

There once was a little girl who was about 5 years old.  Her Mom and Dad used to take her to the mountains to go cross country skiing.  She was dressed in a blue, marshmallow, poofy outfit to keep her warm.  This little girl had very short legs in comparison to her Mom and Dad who seemed to always leave her in their dust!  It was a huge task to work those little 5yr old legs to catch up and while her legs were moving and scurrying along, she also had her tongue constantly outside her mouth, licking her lips to the point where her poor chin would be raw.  Lucky for her, she earned the nick name ‘PUP’ because of her waving tongue.  And do you know who this little girl was?  Ryan looked at Pap and had no idea… It’s your Mommy!  He giggled…

Pup.  Yes, that is what I am called.  I do not know a time in my life when I wasn’t called Pup by my parents and recently Pap said my real name, ‘Janette’ and I asked him if he was mad or something because hearing my own name from him was so weird!! 

And quickly—Pap got his nickname because he made the mistake of telling me at a very young age that when he grew up and became a Grandpa, he wanted his grandkids to call him  Ole’ Pap.  I dropped the Ole’ but have called him Pap ever since…. and of course Ryan does too…

Look at this picture… this is one of my frustrated moments when I just gave up and felt like crawling instead… hah!IMG_7087 IMG_7089  IMG_7090

Off to put out my fire with some water and prepare myself for another day stranded..

Did you have a nickname growing up?  Who all calls you by this name?

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Liberty said...

I just about went crazy when my kids were home a week because of snow and ice! I think I'm a better mommy when I get a bit of a break from my kiddos now and then.
My Uncle always called me "Libby Libby Libby on the label label label." Apparently there is an old Libby's vegetables commercial that had that jingle... he still sings it to me every time he sees me. :)

Tanya said...

Erik called me Nanya for a long time. Then, I was known as Technical T from my Highschool Basketball days. Then, just T or TJ somewhere after that. My friend Brendan has given me the name T-bone in soccer, so that is my new one for now. PS I used to call Erik "Erico" which he didn't like, so he would make a comeback with Tanyico. It was pretty funny!

Anonymous said...

I do!!
Regarding my friends, there are several dozens of nicknames and all for different reasons/stories. But I wil refrain on those!

My dad has always called me "Bud". I don't think there was/is a story to it, really.

My mom has always called me "Aimer". Since my name is Amy... pretty explanatory. ;)

I am enjoying these names! :)

Gauger Family said...

That is so cute! I was "little bunny" when I was really little. My uncles called my mom 'bunny' growing up so I became 'little bunny'! Too funny :)