Weekend Wrap UP!

Very happy for the Green Bay Packers and very proud of the Steelers for making this far.  Game well played!!

First, I’d like to ask for a few prayer requests.

1.  My Grandfather, Donald Hubbard…

 georgia trip 069

Recently noticed a lump in his neck and went to the Dr. to have it checked.  Apparently the location makes this very difficult to remove.  It has grown in size very rapidly and 2 of my Aunts went down to see the Dr. with him to find out what the next steps are.  I am not sure the name of the cancer, but they are going to have to try to reduce it with chemo and radiation.  He is very weak and this process will likely make him even weaker.  Please keep him and our family in your prayers!!  Thank you very much to my Aunts & Uncles who can be there to help him.

2.  Same side of the family, my cousin McKinley’s husband, Jarrod Russell

Jarrod & Mckinley

Fell ill just before Thanksgiving thinking he just had a nasty virus.  Further checks and finding out that there is a history of heart problems they determined that his heart was enlarged and he would need to have a mechanical heart implanted until he can receive a heart transplant!  He is my age and has 2 beautiful daughters with my cousin and they can definitely use our prayers!!  For more info, click HERE.


Saturday we had another reason to get out of the house!! We got to go to Avery’s 3rd birthday!  It was so fun to see my good friend Kristi, her parents and a few other friends I haven’t seen in a while.  I also got to meet some new mom’s which is always nice!  They had a balloon and magic man come to entertain the kids! It was really a clever idea to keep them entertained!! 

Avery Birthday

Here are a few pics of some fellow bloggers… Allison, Kristi & Laura Marie

Party Recap

And of course I had to get the kids ready for the SuperBowl!  I honestly didn’t get to watch much as 6pm-9pm is pretty busy feeding the little people, giving baths, and putting them to bed… but I am proud of the Steelers for making it as far as they did and Congratulate the Green Bay Packers!  Way to go!

kids steelers

Ryan and I had some fun playing together as Iron Man and Transformer Man!

term and iron man

And if you are still reading and checking out pictures, I need some input here… I got some cloth buckets to organize the toys in our toy room and I need help on how they should be labeled?  I currently have pieces of cardstock with a pin stuck through to hold them on which is clearly not the safest choice.


Hope ya’ll had a great weekend… agh, its back to work for me!!

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Anonymous said...

bless your heart.... lots going on with you right now, huh??

Sweet and precious pics, girl!!

Nancy said...

Hi! Thanks for following me. I am now following you back. I am certainly adding your family to our prayer list. My word, that is alot to deal with all at once. Great blog, I am adding it to my favorites so I am sure to check it out often. As for having three kids...definately a handful but my heart over flows. I can not imagine my life without #3 she is worth all the craziness. I hope that we can being buds also.

Finding Blessings in Everyday Life

Jenny LeAnn said...

I will be praying! As for the labels.... you could hold them on with clothes pins? I have also seen them with polaroid pictures of the types of toys that go inside ( i love this ideas) Have a great week!

Gauger Family said...

Great pictures! Sorry about your family. Hope everything turns out okay. On the labels, are those the cloth baskets you can get at Target? I saw somewhere that someone used luggage tags and attached them to the little bit of fabric on the front of the basket. (If you have the same ones). It was really cute and looked easy enough! I like the picture idea though too!

Anonymous said...

Janette, I will keep your family in my prayers. I know first hand just how tough this can be. I love your pictures and all your posts. I can tell that you have really amped up this blogging thing. LOL!! Your blog design is beautiful. Keep the posts coming...you are such a creative person and I love reading them! HUGS!