Smack me!

Who would have thought I would be making this comment….

I have ‘Puppy Fever’

puppy fever

OMIGOSH, I just typed it out loud!!!


I have been saying NO! to Erik about getting a dog for about a year now.  I do not know how we came up with this deal, but we said that if I got pregnant with baby 2 (Reese) that we could get a dog.  Pshaaa’….. 2 Kids and a dog and then add a puppy! Are you kidding me!?

Did you read my post about the hair that drives me up the flippin’ wall?  Well, you are reading from the same author.  We went to McKinney Trade Days this past weekend to briskly walk through to check it out and ended up down an aisle of Puppy Galore!  I was in love.  I don’t know if it was the sweet smell of the puppy breath or the fur balls they look like when they are so young… or maybe it was just the look of sadness in their eyes.   I was drawn in and now here I am.  Puppy.Fever.

I think I held every dog they had out there.  I picked up one of these fur balls and looked at Ryan and said, “Ask Daddy if we can have this one”… Erik said NO (reasons below).  This is the same man who has been begging for a puppy for a while.

golden A little history is that Erik had a Rottweiler when we met who was getting pretty old and cranky.  He was not able to move as well and you could tell he was not going to be a kid friendly dog.  We made a decision to put ‘Fritz’ down before Ryan was born.. so the need to fill his spot has been open for a while.  Our dog Mackie is such a sweet dog… so loving and Erik wants our new puppy to learn from her how to behave and of course give her a friend.  Understandable.  But he loves BIG dogs and we already have a Golden.

<oh and by the way… side note: we are becoming proud owners of a frog today.  Ryan’s teacher said Ryan wanted the class frog that was up for grabs and Erik couldn’t say no, Thanks Emma!>

So what kind of dog does Erik have in mind…. because after all this will be his dog… or the kids dog but since Mackie is my dog that I brought to the marriage (she has been welcomed and adopted lovingly by Erik), its his turn to get his dog.

The English Bull Mastiff

pups BM bullmastiff pup 






English bull mastiff

And… The Great Dane.

Pup-Great_Dane_Dog_puppy-by_JD_Cooper great-dane-puppy HUGE DANE

Those are basically furry children if you ask me….

eek… I want one!  SMACK!

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Anonymous said...

Those dogs are HUGE!! I mean REALLY HUGE!!! I defintley would not be able to handle a toddler, a baby and TWO dogs!! Have you lost your mind!!??? HAHAHAHA!!!
On the other hand, I can understand. We lost our 3 year old lab back in September. It was very difficult and now I have shut out the idea of geting another dog anytime within the future. Like 10 years in the future! HA!

Anonymous said...

Oh geez... you lost me at the frog comment. LOATHE frogs.

Ok... now, who am I suppose to smack?

Liberty said...

You GO girl! :)

Jenna said...

Ok, you're crazy!!! I'm right there with you. Not only do I have baby fever but I've got puppy fever as well. I really want a French Bulldog. We already have 2 dogs!!! I think I may need to be smacked as well!

GrumpyGratefulMom said...

A Dog, A Frog, A Baby, and A Boy--I think that's a cute title for a book. Wow! You will have your hands full! How fun. I'm a new follower from bh. Love, love you blog!

The Baranowski Family said...

Don't do it! Puppies eat your floors, your door frames, your furniture, and your shoes. Not to mention they pee everywhere. I don't care how cute they are, our house will never have another puppy...

Posh said...

Love the doggies!

Stopping by to say hello and to follow. You can visit me at

Have a great day!

Cherished Bliss said...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get the great dane!!! I love them so much. I know someone who has them... and they aren't like having another child...its more like having another adult! lol! But they are sooo stinking awesome! They are GOREGEOUS when the run... and I'm pretty sure my husband will NEVER let me have a great dane so I must live through someone else : )

Jessica said...

Awww! Can't wait to see what y'all get... because it's inevitable when the fever hits.... LOL!

I grew up ALWAYS having animals. Multiple animals. Dogs, cats, guinneas, chickens, and even a horse once. I always had at least one dog and a few cats sleeping in my bed. When I moved out we actually didn't have any animals due to a divorce situation with my mom and ex-step-dad. Then I moved in with Adam and his parents were anti-animal (lived with them for a few years). The moment we got our own place puppy fever hit me bad. Adam wasn't thrilled with having an inside dog but he played along. It only took us 3 months to find the perfect one and now I have my beautiful baby girl Lexi who is a Daddy's girl. We love her just like she was our own child. We did have a Choc. Lab that was our outside dog. A friend had to move so we took her. We had her for about 6 years and then had to have her put down because she was really really sick. Still miss her :(.

Made By Gen said...

Oh cute dogs. A new follower from Welcome Wednesday. See you.