Scared of the Silliest Things!

I was just thinking as I had gone through and posted some very old pictures from middle school and high school on face-book and remembering some of the silly fears that I had and can only imagine what my children will believe and fear as their imaginations grow!

Just a quick note: I am sorry there are no pictures with this post….

These are my top 3 memories of being a scare-d’-cat!

1st:  Wikipedia defines:  A bogeyman (also spelt bogieman, boogeyman or boogieman) is an amorphous imaginary being used by adults to frighten children into behaving.

I do not recall this being something used by adults.. I remember when I was living in Anchorage, Alaska in kindergarten when these two boys down the street named Brian and Benji who were brothers told me about the bogeyman!  Brian was my age and Benji was about a year or two older.  They were my BEST friends, except for introducing me to this fear.  <They also tried to talk me into sticking a screwdriver into a socket, but those are boys for ya!>.  As you may know, night time didn’t always come so that we knew when it was time for dinner or time to go home… Brian and Benji decided to tell me the tale of the Bogeyman and if I didn’t run home FAST, then he would turn down our street and chase me and eat me.  Lets just say that for a 5yr old, this was traumatic, especially because 27 years later, I am still thinking about it! heh…

2nd: I think this fear was introduced to me by some mean kids living in the apartments we were staying in until we found a house in Lafayette, Louisiana.  I can’t even remember the names of them but the fear stuck! 

I can’t believe Wikipedia has this in there, but they have everything defined:

Bloody Mary is a ghost or witch featured in Western folklore. She is said to appear in a mirror when her name is called three times or sometimes more, depending upon the version of the story, often as part of a game.

Now, let me tell ya… it was summer time… in LOUISIANA which means HOT, HUMID, SWAMPY, STICKY and all things like it.  One of these fabulous friends told me that if I wore RED at night while I slept, that Bloody Mary would fly over me and consider me already dead because of the red.  I did not OWN a red shirt, tank top or anything other than a RED Sweatshirt.  So each night I would sleep in this red sweatshirt with an angel pin on over my heart for extra protection and sweat my tushie off!  It was worth it because she didn’t get me.   This was the worst because kids in school would also act like they saw her in the mirror and all of us kids would freak out and run out screaming!  I hope my kids never hear about her!

3rd and Last:  I must have seen a movie at some point or dreamt this up…. there was a lady in bed sleeping and she must have been in a coma not to know what was going on.. but someone cut a square out above her in her ceiling and poured what looked to be sap all over her and released some bugs that basically flew down and ate her alive.  I sure hope that was a movie because this is really a terrible thought for a kid to have in their head!! From about the time I was in 5th grade or so until probably when I left for college, I always slept in my room away from the vent and had the vent CLOSED.  I knew being a light sleeper wouldn’t allow anyone to cut the ceiling without me hearing it, but I wasn’t going to risk having bugs fly in through the vents to eat me.  Ick!!!

Did you have crazy fears as a kid?  Amazing the things that can scare a kid and impact them for life!!

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CherishedBliss said...

I apparently don't have near as good a memory as you. I do remember a recurring dream I had that a man chased me from a gas station onto a school bus parked outside...but when I tried to go up the stairs there was blood dripping down them... that always creeped me out!!

Other than that I remember that my parents would tape a piece of paper around a lysol can and draw a picture of a monster with a red circle with a line through it for when I thought the monsters would come get me. They called it the "no more monster spray"...haha.

I actually did that for my son because he kept saying he was scared in his bed.. we found out a few nights later it was his shadow from having the hall light on... too cute!

: )

Anonymous said...

Hey there!!

Here from the Wednesday Hop.

Girl!! The Bloody Mary thing must have been popular in Kentucky too! :) That's where I grew up and still remember that to this day. And you are right.... kinda silly! ;)

New follower, btw! :) Can't wait to find out more about your cute little family.

Gauger Family said...

Ewww. I don't like being scared. I remember Bloody Mary too. I had an older brother and we watched scary movies so I saw some too, yuck! My husband likes to watch Celebrity Ghost stories on tv now and they scare the CRAP out of me!!

Pap said...

I remember your angel pin! I think granny gave it to you, didn't she?

My Uncle Shine use to scare us with tales of the "rampur cat", especially when we started camping out when we were 8-10 years old. I recently Googled "wampum cat" and found a lot about it.


Pap said...

I meant to say "wampus cat"!

Kristi Kelly said...

I saw a movie where a girl went to bed and a psycho was under it and got a huge knife or sword I guess and stabbed up and killed her. For Months I would take a running leap to get on my bed and PRAY no psycho with a knife was under me!

Liberty said...

BLOODY MARY, BLOODY MARY.... that girl gave me nightmares!!! I'm from New Iberia, Louisiana!! How funny is that? I was always scared of Freddy Kruegar... He was one scary guy!