President’s Day

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I know I will likely not be the only person who does this… but I am almost certain that when I go home today after a long day at work, I will go to the mailbox and excitedly check to see what came today and see that the mailman CLEARLY skipped my house and then think to myself, “How is it possible that we have no mail?!” 

After all, Sunday we don’t get mail so there has to be a build up… then close the mailbox with deep disappointment (as if there was going to be something from the President or something<--- speaking of!! Mr. Obama, I am STILLLLLLL waiting on my letter back from sending you a Christmas card)….. and then it will hit me as I walk in the door…. NO WONDER!! It’s President’s Day!  No Mail on such a Glorious Holiday!! Good thing I didn’t send a Happy President’s Day Card… I’d never hear back!!

My weekend wrap up is pretty short and sweet.  It was peaceful and beautiful outside!! Ahh!!

It was so nice to have Erik home.. It seriously felt like he was gone for a whole month!daddy time

I am so ready for the weather and nature to come together and get Spring started!! I have noticed it is a little lighter in the evenings and we are READY for some color and sunshine!!

Ryan Ready for SPring

Reese Ready for Spring

Both kiddo’s seem to have kicked the RSV bug that took our house hostage since the end of January.  Reese was the last to be attacked and is coming through great.  She has 4 teeth now and it appears that 2 more are on the way in!  She turned 8 months old on Friday! Can’t believe it!!  I have 4 months to plan a birthday party! Ha!

Hope you are having a Happy Monday!!!

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Jenna said...

I love your kids!

I did the same thing with the mail today!!! I hate that.

Jessica said...

Cute pics!!! My hubs did the same thing with the mail haha!