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On a random note before I get started, I wanted to ask if anyone else has something like this in their house:


What you see above is a spot on my floor where I have hardwoods and what appears is this dainty lil’ collection of what looks to me like hair.  Granted, we have a Golden Retriever, but 95% of the time, she has been shaved and her hair isn’t too long.  I seriously bend over and pick these floating things off the floor on a daily basis.  Last night, I pointed it out to Ryan.  I said, “Do you see this”… he answered, “Yes”.  I said, “Please help Mommy and pick it up and put it in the trash for me!!”  He agreed.  I looked at Erik and asked the same thing and he is playing the “I’m blind and don’t see anything” card.  NICE!  I need a MASSIVE, POWERFUL HOG of a vacuum to pick this stuff up daily.  Suggestions?

heart heart heart

My blogging is evolving and I am learning a LOT and yet still feel like an amateur!  Anyone else feel this way?  I am sure that the folks who were checking my blog originally for pictures and quick little updates are overwhelmed with the amount of posts I am doing lately and extra details being provided… but its all for a good reason.

Here’s how I look at the blogging world and what I have learned (still learning):

1.  Posting pictures only or just quick snippets of what the pictures are isn’t considered content.  I know I have gone to several blogs and its like opening a good book or a fun magazine, if you aren’t wowed in the first few seconds, then you will loose your audience.  I think that’s why I love Tori Spelling’s books so much (silly I know) but she talks in her books to her readers as if they are sitting next to her and is herself and that’s what I’m trying to do.  I do try to limit the amount of information just because my family and personal life is not a publication that will rate me on the Best Sellers List like my pal Tori, but I’m doing my best.

tori spelling

2.  I seriously have sulked, laid in bed at night thinking and complaining and finally I have put my foot down.  I kept seeing other blogs and comparing myself to them.  I wanted to be them and had Blog Envy and was too proud or prideful, or whatever you want to call it to leave a comment.  I finally decided to throw that towel away and if I love something, I’m gonna tell you.  I think comments make this blogging world go round.  The only thing I still wonder about is for the larger blogs with a bagillion (my new term for a lot) of followers or comments are left is, ‘How can I stand out so they want to read my comment or am I just another number?’  I dunno.. Still a work in progress of putting my foot down.  I will say though that in this process I have actually come across 4, probably more (1-2-3-4) new blog friends and we even email as if we are old pals!  I LOVE IT!

blog envy

3.  I want to be a sponsor! I want to do give aways! I want to do product reviews!  I am still learning every single day about this whole thing.   Let’s face it, I’m not crafty.. I can’t sew a button.  But, I do love others who have this talent and passion.  I also adore people who are putting themselves out there to start a business of their own with Etsy or anything else and if people are willing to give me a shot, I’d love to help promote them.  I still have no idea what it means to be a sponsor, but it sure sounds good.   I know a bunch of blogs who are hosting give aways for fabulous companies (Shutterfly, Tiny Prints, etc), not just your friend’s product and I often wonder, HOW DO YOU DO THAT!?  How do you get someone that big to notice you or want to do a give away on your blog?  I’ve asked, and sometimes I get an answer and sometimes I don’t.. but you know, I just simply wrote an email to everyone I have hosted a give away for and expressed my interest in their stuff and that I’m a fan and hope that in turn, they give me a chance.  Sometimes you get lucky and other times you don’t.. but all you can do is try.  The only downside to doing give a way's is that its not for everyone and although those of us who love give aways don’t understand, its life.  I know there are times I don’t enter b/c I just feel like the unluckiest person alive and WHY WOULD I WIN!?  Or, I’ve already signed up before and never won, so why bother now, or I don’t like the item so, I’m not going to sign up.  But my personal opinion I’m going to push is ‘its about supporting your local and booming friends and companies that are trying to get noticed and you could always gift it to someone else!’  Be a supporter. 

sponsor give away time reviews

I am sorry this post is longer than most would like, but one last thing… I just got nominated by a fellow blogger Michelle which you can go visit HERE.

The versatile blogger

Thank you so much Michelle!! TOOO sweet!! There are a few things I need to do in order to accept this award, but I am already tapped out on blog post space for this fine Thursday, so I think I’ll be using this in my Friday’s post!! :)

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Jessica said...

We have a short hair dog and a medium length haired cat and I find little dust bunnies similar to yours all the time! Drives me nuts!

I'm not new to blogging but I struggle with what to post, what not to post, and how much I post all the time. I don't have kids and I feel like my life is pretty boring but I really like to write and meet new people so hopefully people just like me for who I am. The past couple of months I've just tried not to worry about it and let God make of it what He will ... I've "met" a lot of really cool people lately, including you! :)

Gauger Family said...

I have to say I have those 'hair balls' in my house too! We have a yellow lab and I know the hair is not as long as a Golden but I see clumps of hair all over our floor. (And my husband says I make it up, because he CAN"T seem to see them!!))

Cherished Bliss said...

I totally have the hairballs in my house...except my dogs hair only gathers in corners...other than that its each individual strand! I love my dog, but I hate his hair!

PS. I'm pretty sure we feel the same about blogging. I have no idea what to post about when I don't have a craft to post... I don't do much but take care of my kids, and I'm pretty sure no one wants to hear how many times my toddler told me "no" or "no mommy, your a big boy, you do it"

Elisabeth Hirsch said...

I LOVE your blog! It's awesome and you are so witty. I have blog envy about your blog ;)

I'm following (in an envious, awed sort of way LOL!)

Anonymous said...

Do you have a furminator? It's a special brush that pulls from her undercoat. It's a miracle brush in my opinion and it will help with the shedding.