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 I went against myself and bought Reese a headband that was a tad oversized because I thought… this will be cute!  I’ve seen so many lil’ babe’s with oversized flower headbands on and although I find them to be adorable on some… they can get ridiculous, right?  I swore to many friends and even a couple family members that I wouldn’t put these crazy large bows on my child… but its just a 1 time thing.  My thought is…. can you imagine if adults were wearing these?  I do not think we have the same adorable appeal with them.  Who’s with me!?  Oh and this selection of photo’s with me are the actual bow I bought my daughter… yes, its THAT flippin’ big!

big ole bow

Poor Reese-a-roo wasn’t a fan!  Can’t blame her.  I think it weighs 17lbs.

pout What do you think?

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Gauger Family said...

Well I think she looks super adorable! I am a fan of big bows myself, on Gracie though- not me :)

Gammy said...

Well you know how Gammy feels about these big bows....however Reese is still cute no matter what. Please don't weigh her head down anymore - poor baby :(

Jessica said...

That is hilarious but ABSOLUTELY adorable! I can't say that I'm a fan or not of bows because I'm not around babies with big bows but the ones I see on the net are so cute! Builds up those neck muscles LOL.

Working on reply to email :)

Darlene said...

HI! Thanks for following me. I'm following you back. That is one big bow! When my daughter was that age, she would not tolerate having anything on her head or in her hair. She was never a "bow head"!

Shellerman said...

So hilarious and adorable!

Monica said...

Hi! I'm a new blogger and follower. Check out my blog and follow me too. Love the colors on your page.

Liberty said...

Holy Schmoly that's a BIG bow!! Of course, she's adorable in it. Just look on the positive side, she definitely won't ever outgrow it. :)

doreen said...

Oh she is just too cute but yes the bows are just getting so ridiculous. My daughter has 3 little girls and she has those plastic containers you keep shoes in..she has like 10 full of bows and headbands..the girls leave them on for 2 minutes.
I am visiting and following via boost my blog.
P.S. Thank your husband for his service from our family and thank you too:)