Is there a Side?

As long as I can remember I grew up sleeping in a daybed.  It was the cool thing then and having a trundle was even cooler!  I got very used to sleeping in this twin bed and I would jump in bed, get my pillows in order and turn on my right side which usually faced the wall and fall asleep happily.

Oddly enough it wasn’t until I graduated from college that I finally got my first Queen bed!  I was in heaven!! I’ve never had so much room before!  So, now, where do I sleep?  I am not sure how it happened or the logic behind it, but I would pick the right side of the bed to sleep on (right side if you are laying in the bed, left if you are looking at it)…. So, all by myself I declared the right side is MY SIDE.

When I met my husband and we started to share.. he had a full sized waterbed that just wasn’t gonna cut it.  As often as I get up to go to the bathroom, I can’t handle riding waves and listening to water bubble around me…. so we got rid of that and used my Queen bed.

It is seriously a constant issue that we discuss because he doesn’t feel that people should have a “side of the bed” and is always trying to get me to switch sides.   I think I have done this once and I will never do it again.   It was the worst night of sleep ever!  I think all these years I’ve gotten so used to falling asleep on my right side that I can’t do that and have my knees facing the middle of the bed!  That’s just not right!! His side felt different… and don’t get me started on pillows.  I KNOW which pillow is mine.  There have been plenty of nights where Erik thinks he’s Mr. Funnyman and tries to trick me but it really is noticeably different!  So, my side is perfect for ME.  I have claimed it even though Erik still believes its up for discussion and he doesn’t know it, but incase he tries to fool me again and needs proof that I know which pillow is mine—I’ve written it on the pillow! His has an E and mine has a J (its on the actual pillow, not the case). 

I noticed when we put Ryan in his big boy bed that he would sleep in the middle of the bed. Originally I put a pillow on either side of him to keep him from falling out and I think he’s gotten used to that.

Reese appears to enjoy the corners of her crib because she is always found with her face in the top right corner EVERY night. 

Do you have a side?  Was it discussed or assumed?  Wow! This post made me sleepy!

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Anonymous said...

Oh yes... we have our sides.-- And never the twain shall meet!!

I can't remember tho if it was assumed or discussed. Even if we go to a motel or someones house, we still keep "our sides".

Gauger Family said...

We have sides too. It's funny because when I was pregnant I made my husband switch with me. I actually wanted his side because it was further away from the door. I know it sounds terrible but I said if someone breaks in our house I wanted them to see my husband 1st, not me!! After having Gracie we switched back. Too funny!