In less than 5 days!

I love going to Hobby Lobby or into Hallmark around this time of year.  There is something about all of the red and pink and words of LOVE thrown around that really inspire me and get me really excited for Valentine’s Day.  I scour the internet, ask friends to give me ideas, tap my own noggin’ in hopes that something will come to mind. 

After all of that—everything starts to overwhelm me.  Of all those cute ideas and great products I’ve seen on the shelf have bogged me down and now I feel like I’ve made no progress and maybe even dread it a little. 

So, what’s our plan?  When Erik and I ask each other this, there is this deer in head lights look that overcomes us and I think we pretend we didn’t hear the other person asking…. and then it is followed by a shrug.

I’ve never been a fan of a ‘box of chocolates’ and when I write that out, please note that I am saying it just like Forest Gump.  I am not interested in finding out what is inside each random piece.  Then there’s the almighty flowers.  Yes, they are nice but they die and there’s nothing to hold on to for memory sake unless you press the flowers or dry them out and have a special plan for them… just seems like a waste of money.

I think all of us girls has the vision of some Hollywood movie and then we all wake up and snap back into reality.

I saw this cute idea on Say It on The Wall Blog and thought I’d show it..  You can click on the picture to go to the Date Dice.  Cute eh?  I know we are always having trouble thinking of things to do, so these large dice would be a fun way to come up with something.

Date DiceBut if I am being honest, I think my Hollywood fairy tale would include something like this:

I don’t know why it says “View Full Album”.. that’s all that there is..

I love Vintage Diamond rings.  My grandmother had a wedding band that was very thin and had diamonds all the way around.  It is too delicate to wear but having it recreated is a hope of mine some day.

But I’d actually be satisfied with just watching a movie or getting a yummy bite to eat at a place we haven’t been to in a while or trying some place new.  I do love the romance of the day but I actually like it better when its unexpected and not planned day on the calendar.

Did you have a fairy tale Valentine’s Day?  Or do you skip it completely?

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Anonymous said...

It's never been a big holiday with us. I actually consider myself lucky if I get a card that has something in it besides, "Love, Brian".

BUT.. this year, our church is hosting a Valentines Banquet. Of course, hubs and I are going to work and help serve. I just may get frisky and pat his bottom as I pass by tho! ;)

Those rings are very pretty!

Rebekah said...

The dice are super cute!

Liberty said...

My mom always made Valentine's Day special for us, so I focus on making my kids feel loved on this love day. I really don't want anything from hubs, unless it's an "I love you" and little kiss. I agree that flowers seem like a waist unless you press them...

Btw, I'm emailing you RIGHT now. :)

Gauger Family said...

First of all I LOVE those rings! Those are beautiful :)

We usually just go out to dinner now. I love Valentines Day stuff like decorations but don't like to make it a big deal with big presents!!

Jenna said...

I love those rings. I love Vintage and "estate" Jewelry. My hunny hates the whole idea of being expected to proclaim his love for me on a certain day. I love the whole she-bang. Since we had the kiddo things are calmer. We'll probably grab dinner and exchange small useful gifts. :)

CherishedBliss said...

Since your my bloggy bff and I just love your blog, I have given you the "stylish Blog" award. You can pick it up along with the instructions on my blog : )