Grocery Store Drama

Ladies, you know we all have witnessed or experienced these issues and I hope I am not the only one who thinks about these things….

Here are my Top 10 things that I find super annoying about grocery shopping!

1.  Now this is not necessarily tied to the grocery store, but I’m tying it in anyway…When I park my car and take note of where it is before I go in the store, I usually admire cars on my way to the door and I just have to say this…. “Elections are OVER!” Please remove the stinkin’ stickers from when John Kerry was running for President, or Ron Paul… its okay to let go! There should seriously be a law for the length of time these are allowed on cars.  Ahh… I feel so much better getting that off my chest!  They even sell Goo-Gone that can help remove it at the grocery store!!

2.  Lets get this one out of the way b/c we all are thinking it…..What in the WORLD is happening when we are not around to these poor carts?  Are people using them to race on rocky terrain or what?  I cannot figure out why every time I get a cart, there is a malfunction.  I wish I could think of a way to prevent this from happening, but it never fails when I go to pick mine!

3.  I think we all tend to find a store, learn the aisles and can almost close our eyes to pretend we are walking up and down each one when we try to make a list…. but heaven forbid you have to shop in another store because nothing is the same.  The trip lasts so much longer, you sometimes find yourself walking down the same aisles multiple times thinking, “It just has to be HERE!!!!” Of course there is no one that works there available to help you (unlike home dept where there is someone practically perched on every aisle just dying to help you), so if you are like me, you get frustrated and leave with what you did find and figure out a way to get back to your regular stomping ground for the balance.  This leads me to my suggestion that ALL STORES need to have a MAP affixed to their jacked up carts…. they can even be laminated, I don’t care.. but just tell me where you put the bread!

4.  First area I usually stop by is the fruit and veggies.  I have seen this happen in front of my eyes and pardon if you are one of these peeps, but the person who walks up to the naners’ and feels the need to take the ‘bunch’ and pull it apart to take only 2 or 3 and leave this pitiful bunch left makes me crazy.  Why not just stock them as individual nana’s and make everyone pick them out like apples or oranges?  They are sold as bunches, granted its by the lb. but still… Don’t let me catch you doing this.

5.  I found this Lipton Jalapeño pasta which was becoming a house hold favorite… I am pretty sure I bought 3 packages every time I went, so it wasn’t like it was a product people weren’t buying.  Many times it was very low on stock and I just knew this was a hot item!! It didn’t take long, but all of a sudden its GONE.  They don’t sell it anymore.  How frustrating!  As soon as I get to loving something on the shelf, they get rid of it. 

6.  Speaking of stock… I used to work at Kirklands when I was in highschool.  If something was getting low on stock, or completely out, we would dash to the back of the store and grab some back stock to fill it back up.  Why doesn’t the store do this?  I mean, I realize milk and things that expire wouldn’t be ideal but I was looking for sugar cookie mix and it was GONE, SOLD OUT.. hot items should really have extra stock in the back.  Most grocery people are very reluctant to go look in the back for anything… Is there a storage place back there to hold stuff? 

7.  So we make it to the check out lane!! Halleluiah!  You either get the overly friendly person that makes you smile or the mad disgruntled worker who hates their life and doesn’t even say hi.  The one thing I must say that drives me batty is after I have spent X amount of dollars, (I know they have to do this) they ask me if I would like to donate MORE MONEY and if I say no, I’m soooo mean, I can just see it in their eyes.  I like the Petsmart version where the little prompter asks you privately and no one has to hear you say no, I’m sorry, I can’t help today because I just spent my entire budge of grocery money to buy my children food and diapers.  Sucks feeling guilty!  If i can give, I will, but to make me feel like an outcast for not giving isn’t cool.

8.  I think it was fun in the beginning when grocery stores came up with the whole savings card, you know the one that makes you cooler than the person who stands next to you that doesn’t have one b/c you are saving $$ and adding more cards to your keychain or your wallet?  Yeah.. I’m so over that.  Just give everyone the discount and lets move on.  If the card is free, and all you have to do is say YES and write your phone number down, then give it to everyone without making us carry extra crap in our purses just to save a buck!  Just like going to the gas station hosted by grocery stores.. if you spend over $100, you can save $.10 on your gas per gallon!! It asks me if I want to save when I go to pump…. as if I would say No.  I’m not really looking to save money this time, I’ll pass.  Just give it to everyone… reduce the price and lets all sing Kumbayah!

9.  Anyone ever get a coupon that prints out at the end of your check out that you actually use?  Lets say for example that I am a Pampers kind of gal…. it never fails, I get a Huggies coupon.  I like to buy Gerber Baby food, and I get some off the wall coupon for a random baby food.  I never buy these other things.. and maybe that’s why I am a horrible coupon shopper but to help me out, I'd love them to print out a few coupons based on the actual brands I just spent money on!  Who’s with me?  I usually always throw those coupons away and think its a waste of paper!

10.  Finally, I tend to buy nursery water for Reese’s bottles and gallons of milk and why they don’t feel the need to bag these is beyond me?  I know they have handles which can be easy to carry, but when you have 2 kids with you, one in a carrier, and another who is 3yrs old and a cart full of stuff, then help a momma out and put them in a bag so I can scurry into my house faster. 

Well, there ya have it.. these are thoughts that run through my mind.  Last night I couldn’t sleep because Ryan woke up around midnight and every hour after that throwing up and screaming out for me to run up there and get the trash can for him to throw up in (he has RSV).  I started thinking about my grocery shopping…. because you know this is a hot topic in the middle of the night and I thought I should just put it down on paper/blog and get it off my chest so I can sleep tonight without thinking about these anymore. 

Thanks for listening.  Happy Shopping!!

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Jenny LeAnn said...

Great post.. made me laugh. So true about not ever being able to find anything... and the carts ... well let's just say i've kicked a few! My hubby is deployed to AFG, we have been in the army a little over two years and we have 3 more to go! He is an 88 M with the 101st Airborne Division. We are stationed at Ft. Campbell but born and raised in Texas. I am here during deployment.

Anonymous said...

Girl, you outdid youself on this one. TOO funny and soo true!

And a little FYI... to the cashier that does not say "hello". She WILL say bye to me or I will stop, look at her in the eye and make a scene until she says her goodbye greeting. lol
There is NO reason for that mess.

Gauger Family said...

That is so funny. I agree with you on these. I hate it when I can't find something!! I have been the person to just take 3-4 bananas though :)
Also, I worked at Kirklands for 6 weeks one summer break for some extra $$. I HATED IT :) I got so sick of climbing ladders or rearranging things every day!!!

PottersCrib said...

Love the post so true on so many points! You are doing such a great job with your New Year's resolution of blogging more I love reading your blog!