Yesterday I announced our newest family member.  His name is ‘Taddy’.  He or She started off as a school pet as a lil’ tadpole.  Erik says its a girl because he verified her parts, but I’m still in question. 

IMG_7412 IMG_7404 IMG_7405 IMG_7409 IMG_7410

Erik put Taddy in this fun bucket while he got his lil’ tank all cleaned out and freshened up with water.. in the mean time, Reese and Ryan enjoyed watching him/her squirm.


heart Now that’s LOVE!!heart


I mentioned this sweet gal in a previous blog post when I was raving about her adorable cozies and I got my order in and LOVE MY COZIES!!!!  Liberty Original is outstanding and the quality is awesome!!!


So, not only did she make me some sassy coffee cozies….


But she also sent me this lil’ bling too!!! So sweet!!! Thank you!



I was talking to Erik this morning about this and let me just say I am guilty of it……. Ever been chatting with someone online or sending an email and you get a response (or you do this) and say ‘LOL’?  I have a work friend who sits on the opposite side of my office and she sent me a message that said ‘LOL’.  I thought.. hmm… I don’t hear you laughing out loud… so why do we say this?  I am guilty of saying, “That’s funny” and not really laughing at all.  Then Erik took it a step farther and said, ‘well what about those people who say ‘ROTFLMAO’, do you really think they are rolling on the floor, laughing their asses off?  No.. so why do we do this?  Space filler?  Ease the other person that they are in fact funny even if you don’t think so?  Is it really funny, hilarious worth rolling on the floor?  Just a random thought… heh..

Happy Wednesday people!

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Little Miss Emmy Lou said...

I am a new follower from Welcome Wednesday! Hope you'll stop by Mama days!

Your pictures are sooo cute! Love the little froggie!

Emma said...

im so happy to see that Ryan and Reese are excited about 'Taddy'. Ryan couldnt stop talking about him to his friends today! Thanks for taking him off of my hands!....and thank you for my coffee cozy:)

Anonymous said...

Girl! I told ya that I hated frogs yesterday and here ya go putting up pictures of the thing. ;)

For the kiddos, right? Ok.. I'll look away for awhile.

Cute ring... I mean, seriously cute!!!

And....regarding the LOL--- I really didn't ;) at ya earlier either!

Jessica said...

Frogs = GROSS!

Love the Coozie and ring!

I LOL all the time... mostly I really am LOLing ... unless I'm at work and I'm usually LQTMS (laughing quietly to myself) - My husband invented this LQTMS and he thinks it's hilarious :)

Liberty said...

You crack me up!! (Yes, I am laughing, well giggling) Thank you for the LOVE... you are too good to me :)