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I often wonder when I look at my kids what things they will remember and share with their friends and family later in life.  I recently started thinking of the things that still seem to linger in my memories…

Top 5 Memories of fun from my childhood!

1.  Hand Clapping Games:  This was hot while I was in kindergarten through about 2nd grade and I even got my Pap at home to learn them so I could practice and be super fast with my friends at school.  Even to this day, he remembers part of the game we used to sing as we played…

clapping game

‘Einie meani, pops a dini, oooo bop bops a’ rini, education, corporation, I love you… tootie fruity! 

Down down baby
Down by the rollercoaster
Sweet sweet baby 
No place to go
Kissed my boyfriend
Naughty naughty
Won't do the dishes
Lazy lazy
Stole a piece of candy
Greedy greedy
Jumped off a building
Crazy crazy ……

2.  Not sure if this was just a game played in Louisiana when I was in elementary school or if it was a popular thing all over, but I LOVED Chinese Jump rope!


I remember I even tried to set up my own game at home since I was the only kid, I didn’t have siblings to play these 3 man games with… I’d try to find the sturdiest chairs or furniture to hold each end of the jump rope but it was definitely more fun to play at recess with my friends at school!

3.  I was never a kid who loved school, but the days I knew my history class would be letting us play a game called The Oregon Trail, I was dressed and ready and the first one at the school doors to play!  These people must have made a fortune with schools!


4.  Oh, good ole’ Super Mario Brothers… what ever happened to you!?  We saved the princess so many times together!! Ahh… Did anyone else used to hold the game controls and when you were required to jump or run, you found yourself leaning into the moves or lifting the control in the air in hopes that it would help Luigi jump?  Yeah.. that was me. 

super_mario_bros_1280x96025.  My future was always clear… I knew how many kids I would have.  I knew who I was going to marry.  I knew what kind of house I would live in and most importantly, I knew the kind of car I would have!  The greatest game for a young girl with big dreams of marrying her elementary school crush was none other than M.A.S.H.


So what were your favorite games or memories as a child?  I might try to find the Chinese Jump Rope and teach my kids to play some day! 

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Gauger Family said...

That is funny. I teach elementary and some girls still do the hand games. Cute! I don't remember Chinese jump rope? I did have Mario Brothers and Duck hunt. I did have a pogo ball? I think that was it. It was always fun!

Jessica said...

Just had total flashback!! I loved Mario but hated that my brother always made me be player 2. He would be on level 8 when I was still on 1.

MASH was the best thing in the world! We would compete to see who could come up with the most categories to fill in.

I was a 'Barbie' kind of girl so that played a big part in my childhood. I also loved playing in the dirt when I was really little and would make my brother matchbox cars be people and build them homes to live in. Fun times!

Cherished Bliss said...

OMG! I used to play MASH all the time!!! Such a cute post : )

What's in a name.. said...

New follower from Welcome Wednesday. Hope you will follow me too @

Kristi Kelly said...

We did Chinese Jump rope too!! You know what, I found one in the dollar aisle at Joann's the other day....really!!! I almost bought it just for fun:) They have a super Mario Bros that is "like" the old one only made for is pretty fun!

Liberty said...

I loved regular jump rope.... I was just talking about that with my daughter today!! We would spend our whole recess playing jump rope games. Roller skating was also big where I lived in California. I lurved to go roller skating every single Wednesday. :)

Michelle said...

LOL. Loved MASH. I think your blog is cute and I've left something for you at my blog!