Cabin Fever

I think most people will probably be posting about the ice storm we had through North Texas which essentially closed most schools and my company even closed which is unheard of!  I did enjoy being a bum and not rushing out of bed to shower and figure out how to get out of the door on time!  I did have a pretty boring day though…. so to add a little spice, I decided to take some pictures of Reese.  I have been meaning to capture her 7 month pictures and was curious about these leg warmers, so I enjoyed primping her and taking some shots!

I’ve never really promoted anyone before, but I feel this is worth mentioning.  Back when I was still pregnant, I followed a blog of another girl who was about two months or so ahead of me and she posted about her son’s room and included some links to where she got everything!  I took off like a firefly and hit up one of the Etsy Shops she used and ordered myself some custom blocks for my upcoming baby girl.  Melissa bought from Lovin’ Ewe and I couldn’t be happier with these blocks!! Not only are the a great decoration to any baby room, but its fun to put them in pictures with Reese as a little prop! 

Here’s a little look back on how we used the blocks before….

IMG_1466card front


And here we are at 7 months old….

7months old

I’ve had a few people also ask me about the onsie’s I’ve used that tells the month, but you’ll be surprised to know these are actually stickers that go from 0-12 months old that you can adhere to any shirt/onsie and pulls off with no problem!  You can look into getting some for your next shower or your own baby… the price is amazingly reasonable!  Check the Picky Sticky site!

So, then I decided I’d try out these leopard leg warmers and I’m sure this is a tad much, but it was cute anyway….

crawl attempts 

We are so close to scootin’ and we’re even closer to getting our TWO front teeth!!! They are just begging to pop out!

Reese Smiles

If you happen to stop by those shops and make a purchase, please let them know I sent you!! Otherwise, Happy Tuesday!!!

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Jenna said...

Reese is sooooo cute! She gives me baby fever!!! I love the pics. :)

Gauger Family said...

Oh I love those blocks, super cute. I haven't seen anything like them before. She is adorable! Stay warm tomorrow too. Is your office closed again? No school for us!

Liberty said...

She is GORGEOUS!!! Oh, and the blocks are super cute too. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment. :) I'm following you now as well and look forward to reading more about your kiddos and family.

Anonymous said...

Cute pics! It makes me want a girl that much more! Thanks for posting about the stickers for the onsies. That is such a cute idea!