Best Dressed according to ME!


I don’t know how the Fashion Police are chosen and I really think their style is questionable… so, I thought I would pretend I was on the panel.  I barely got a chance to watch the actual Oscar’s but I did get to watch the Red Carpet previews and that is how I came up with my best dressed. 

It goes without saying that my girl Reese would be top on my list.  I am so glad my daughter is named after such a gorgeous and classy gal!  This dress actually reminds me of my sophomore year prom dress, but she looks elegant to me.

63722216 I was listening to Giuliana Rancic and Kelly Osborn talking and they were criticizing Scarlett’s hair and unsure of what exactly her dress was doing.. whether it was see through or what.. WHO CARES!  She looked awesome…

scarlett_johanssen_academy_awards_2011_280211_342x456 These are in no particular order by the way…. other than Reese who will always be #1~

Mila Kunis looked stunning as well… Natural beauty is key!


I’ve never been a big Paltrow fan, but sometimes she can really do it up right.  I did happen to hear her sing and it was my first time and I was so nervous for her.. I kept thinking she would fudge, but she actually did a decent job.  I love the straight hair look.. the color of her dress was a great match for her!

Oscars-2011-Best-Dressed-Gwyneth-Paltrow A few weeks after having a baby and Penelope shows up looking awesome!!  The dude holding her hand looked so much better when it was Matthew McConaughey. 

penelope_cruz_javier_bardem_latina_actress_0227_art  I dare to mention who I thought was the worst because again, I was listening to Kelly and Guilliana and I couldn’t believe they would pick some of these to be the jaw dropping styles.. but they are on my Not so Best Dressed list.

Amy Adams is a pretty girl and I deem this on the not so best because I’m not sure I understand the Green jewelry with the navy dress? 


This girl is on every worst dressed list I’ve ever seen and they loved this dress.. and I heard her say that she isn’t coming to the Oscars or any award show to show off in a hot dress but she is there for the movies… I can appreciate that, but wish she’d just come in jeans and flip flops if she really feels that way.  At least her shoes match.


I know I’ll be shot by a bunch of folks, but the reason I am putting this gal on the not so best is because this is a look that is all too familiar… its like I’ve seen her in this before or its just not that special.  I dunno….its pretty… not like the worst ever… and she looks very good, but just eh..


This dress is just odd to me.. I couldn’t get down with Cate on this one.  I know this will sound weird, but the beading on the back reminds me of some scary skin disorder or something..


Lastly…. I list our ole’ pal Sharon… I think this could have been toned down a tad…. maybe its the hair, I am not sure.. but it was one that the Fashion police loved.  Reminded me of Cruella de Vil.

Actress Sharon Stone arrives at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards hNormally  I could give a flip less about this topic, but its Monday and my brain is mush and I left my card reader at home which would have been a great way to show pictures of my lil’ Reese’a-roo who just started crawling this weekend and pulling herself up!!! WHOO HOOO!!!


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Jessica said...

I agree with all your picks for best and worst! I did think that Anne Hathaway (sp?) looked beautiful in all 20 (or so) of her outfits. LOL.

Russo said...

I found your blog during a blog hop and I am the Oscar review that you did. Happy to follow!