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First I wanted to write a little ditty to all those friends and family that stop by to visit my blog.  Recently I have done a few give aways and I am hosting another one RIGHT NOW!! 
I thought it was important to explain to my readers why I do a give away.  So far I have only had the privilege of giving away things from friends who I love and support, but here's why:
  •  I love the product as much as the person and want to share their talent or product with you.
  • I want to help those who are maybe just starting out or who want more visibility on the blogging circuit to drive potential business or even a possible recommendation that sends people to them.
  • I love winning something for free, who doesn't?  
So I ask you, my reader to please take the time to take a look at my give aways.  I have heard some people tell me, "Sorry Janette, I'm just not that into signing up for give aways." 
If you aren't a fan of the product, maybe someone you know would be and it doesn't hurt to sign up.  Any give away could be a great gift for anyone you know.  Think outside the box and also remember that by signing up, you are showing your support to the company and person hosting the give away.
Nuff said.... 
PLEASE GO SIGN UP!!!  Click my Give Away link above or 
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