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I was driving the other day thinking to myself about the things I find myself saying to friends and even things I can see myself saying to my children. These are things I recall my parents saying to me that I never thought would STICK, but they did!

TOP 5Things my Parents told me that STUCK (one was literal)!

1. From the ripe age of 5, at least that is when I think this started my Dad would always tell me as I walked out the door to school, "Have a good Day! And don't stick any cotton seed up your nose!"

What in the world! What kind of advice is that? And why would anyone be sticking cotton seed up their nose anyway I would think to myself.

Exhibit A: Cotton Seed

Exhibit B: Pussy Willow

So, one fine day... a very chilly morning when I walked to school up a steep hill in the snow (both ways), I arrived too early and found myself standing next to this bushy plant (pussy willows)with these cute little seeds on it. I touched them as all kids have to investigate with all the senses we know to use and picked a few from the branch and played with them in my hands. They were so soft and fuzzy and for some reason I decided to rub it against my face to see how it felt. Don't ask me how I got so close to my nose that some how I lodged that puppy up there and could NOT get it out to save my life. Sadly, I was sent to the nurses office and she had to call my mother to come to the school with tweezers to remove it from my nose.
Who would have thought that sticking cotton seed up your nose would be such powerful advice!
2. You know we all went through that rough patch growing up where most days we were grumpy? Maybe it was just me through parts of highschool but I recall one time when I wasn't in the best of moods and my mother looked at me said, "You have a decision to make! You can either be happy or you can be mad, but that's up to you!"
I cannot tell you how many times I have used this same phrase! It is so true. No matter what is going on in our lives with friends, family or work, you always have the choice to be happy and there is no one else to blame for how you decide to treat the day.

3. Don't sleep your life away or you'll end up like Bill Franks who sells vegatables on the side of the road with a monkey on his shoulder! I cannot tell you how many times I heard this while in highschool and even times when I'd come home to visit during college. I remember those as the good ole days when I could sleep till noon with no problems! Getting me to sleep in till 7am is more like it now but this was something my Dad used to say all the time and at one point, I didn't care... so much that I wanted to meet this Bill guy and set up shop next to him just so I could get some sleep! Ha!
I wonder how I will react when my kids sleep late. But, I guess I can always use Bill Franks' story to see if that works! Or take the lawnmower out and set it right outside their window until they wake up which was the alternative for my folks when the Bill Franks story didn't work.
4. Wear your seat belt and DON'T TAILGATE! I heard this all the time and still do when I am leaving the house from being with my folks. My Dad was the main person who would say it and I used to think, 'yeah yeah, whatever'.... until I wrecked his Ford Explorer 5 or so times by rear-ending someone. Apparently this is very good advice. He also used to tell me that for every 10 miles an hour you are driving, you should have 1 car length's distance from the car in front of you. So, if you are going 50, you need 5 cars distance between you... that way you can react if the person is slowing down fast in front of you.
I think instead of imaging a regular sized car for every 10 miles and hour, I would imagine a smart car or something very tiny which is why I spent my 1st two years in college without a car or insurance until the wrecks could be taken off my record. It is very good advice though.

5. If Suzy jumped off a bridge, does that mean you do it too!? Probably a common phrase that most of us heard growing up. As an only child growing up, I had no one else to compare myself to other than my friends and their siblings and how rules were so different for them than for me! I had over protective parents which maybe is common for only children, I don't know but I think during my rebellious stages I would have said yes to jumping off that bridge just so I could do what I want. Of course the advice makes more sense since I'm not a teenager trying to fit in with all types of cliques I was surrounded by. I am sure I will use this myself with my kiddo's.

Even though Suzy is my friend, I definitely wouldn't jump if she did it... More so because I am older and wiser like my parents, heh.... but really I wouldn't because I am deathly afraid of heights and wouldn't be caught dead on the edge of any bridge or anything like it.

What did your parents say to you that stuck? I'd love to know!

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