Top 10 Fears Review


I ran across an article that was detailing the Top 10 things that People Fear Most.  I was curious to see how many of them were ones that I agreed with for myself.   Only 3 of them really are a firm YES!
1.  Snakes  
yes, of course- have you watched the Nature & Discovery Channels?  These puppies are freaky!!
2.  Public Speaking
no, not so much with this one... I enjoy it.. assuming I know what I"m talking about
3.  Heights
This should be #1 in my book.  I think my fear has grown over time.  I can handle ladders to a certain degree but it does tend to take my breath away a little bit in a hyperventilating kind of way
4.  Enclosed Spaces
not really but I do have a funny story I'd share that had me scared for a moment... This was back when I was really into going to the tanning salon and I was used to going into the tanning beds on a certain side of the building but this time, they sent me to the other side.  No big deal, I still knew how to work them the same.  I think its so relaxing being in the warm/hot light and sometimes you can even catch a cat-nap.  Well, when the lights went off, I went to get out of the bed and could not get the top lid to open!  I was in a panic!! I wasn't fully dressed and had visions of screaming out for help and embarrassed all at the same time to have someone come in and rescue me from this tanning bed that was attacking me like a snap dragon flower!  Luckily reality came back to me (must have not been completely awake <--we'll go with that excuse) and realized, oh, Duh!  The lid opens the other way.  I was frantic and imagine that is how people must feel with this as their major fear

5.  Spiders and Insects
boy howdy! You better believe it!! I mean, I can totally handle an ant or two but could seriously live without these in my world.  I find that any one's shoe will work except my own when killing one of these creatures.  If my shoe is used, we might as well throw it away.  The idea of their juices on my shoe is so gross!  I know a gecko is not an insect but close enough.... there was one in the bathroom of our old house while I was giving Ryan a bath and he was about 1yr and half.  I saw it and immediately freaked out!  I was searching for what to do and found a cup and I didn't think beyond getting him trapped under it because I certainly wouldn't pick it up and risk his wild self trying to escape.  Well, if you know anything about Gecko's you'll know they drop their wiggly tails and run and leave their attackers guessing, so when I saw this happen, I SCREAMED BLOODY MURDER and scared the snot out of my poor baby in the bathtub who was already alarmed at my reaction of this stinking 5 inch THING!  ick!! Gives me the heebie jeebies! Then my imagination goes wild and I wonder about bugs at night while I am sleeping and who knows how many have trampled on me or that I've stepped on in the dark, not knowing!! GAH!)
6.  Needles
yes and no.  I do not prefer to watch a needle going into my body and deeply hate getting IV's for any reason <--worst part of giving birth in my book, but after all the needles I've had to use during my pregnancies, I am sortof numb to the idea of them.  Its temporary pain and I have much bigger fears to worry about
7.  Mice
I guess so, but it wouldn't have been on my top 10 list.  Its hard to say Mice and not think of the cute lil' faces you see at the pet store with their little legs running on the wheel or their noses as they twitch and watching their mouths try to close over their little teeth.  I know that's sick but when I think of it like that, I don't find them scary.  Now, if I ran across one in my house or something, I might add it to a top 20 list but for now, they're kinda cute
8.  Flying
(yes and no to this one too... I mean, it ties into Heights right? So, please don't put me near a window, but for the most part, as long as I arrive alive, I'm cool.)
9.  Dogs
NO WAY!  I love dogs and most all animals (note the mice comments) and I must say that I'm sad when I see that someone is scared of dogs.  Granted there are some bad eggs out there and usually this fear stems from a bad experience but I wish all kids could grow up with a dog to see how wonderful they can be.  Before I had kids, I used to say that my dog Mackie was the LOVE of my life.  Sweetest thing EVER and my childhood dog Tippy was also a sweetheart!  I should be more cautious when I see a dog but my instinct is to walk up and pet it and wanna love on him/her
10.  Thunder & Lightening
really? come on people!  I LOVE thunder and lightening!! I have had dreams of being a storm chaser and being like Helen Hunt in the movie Twister with Bill Paxton chasing tornado's and living on that high adrenaline rush!  I love storms!!! I don't wish harm or destruction but I do enjoy a good show that lasts longer than the 5 minute Texas storm

What would your top 10 be?

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Tanya said...

I am not real fond of heights. I've been able to teach myself how to focus as I have gotten older- sort of mind over matter. What scares me the most right now is the state of our union and possibly another 4 years of Obama if we don't get our acts together and get him out!