Too late to persue your dreams?

A little self reflection...
This is a question that constantly comes to mind! I look around to friends and family and even those who we see in the media and think to myself, "Wow! I wish I had a job or a career like that!". I recall being in college and feeling very unsure of what I wanted to do when I graduated. I mean, how often do people really know at the age of 18 or 19 years old what they want to do when there is so much out there to chose from? Maybe I am in the minority, but I was clueless! I went through 3 different majors in college and finally just chose English as my major and ran with it. I had no plans to be a writer for a publication company or a teacher who taught English, I honestly just wanted to get out in the world and find myself and hope that my dream would slap me in the face when I saw it.
Its been 11 years since I graduated from good ole' Texas Tech and at that time, I really believe that our generation was under the impression that we could attain any job we wanted and it would be so easy to get it! NOT at all true and I think it has gotten worse for people coming out of school ever since then.
I got lucky and had a friend (because its all about who you know these days) and she recommended me for a job as a Production Planner in the Telecom world. Why not? So I did it and 11 years later I am still in this industry. I am certainly thankful for my job and I even believed at one point that this was my calling and I aspired to be a VP or a Director some day, heck maybe even the top dog!
With maturity and time you take a step back and think... is this really my dream?

I day dream about being a professional photographer, an event planner for parties, weddings, maybe even opening my own store, or being that person who does ultrasounds/sonograms for women and being there when they see their baby on the monitor for the first time! How fun would those be!
So what holds me back? I'll tell ya..... EXCUSES. Sad eh? My Dad said to me the other day that it may sound like a lot to go back to school for something that take 2 years and 2 years sounds like a LONG TIME, but whether you do it or not, 2 years is still going to go by and would you rather have something under your belt that you've accomplished to start a new dream or regret it after 2 years of not doing it.....This guy knows what he's talking about!

And lastly, I was talking to a co-worker friend and asking him if he was happy and why he didn't go out in search of something else and he said, "Janette, I'm 57 years old, who is going to want to hire me at my age?" WOW. I am only 32, but that could be me someday saying the exact same thing!

So my thinking cap is on and the only question is which dream should I pursue!?

Are you living your Dream?
What are you doing to go out and make it happen?

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Kristi Kelly said...

I think about this all the time! I LOVED being a teacher for 6 years (which was my dream, but not now), then had the I am a professional Mommy. I found out that I LOVE to sew because I got the opportunity to be a SAHM and now, if you asked me what my dream is I really couldn't tell you...I think I like not knowing and being able to try different things....

Gauger Family said...

I totally think you need to follow your dreams! We're not too old!!! You still have plenty of time. A happy wife is a happy life. That's what I tell my husband!