Things that make me HaPpY!


I love the movie Bad Boys II, (have you seen it? perhaps the tv version is the cleanest) but I think of the scene where Martin Lawrence's character is trying to find his happy place and rubs his ears and says "Woooo Saww".... Here are some of the happy places for me that are my "wooo sawww"

*I love buying greeting cards, especially from Hallmark.  I know they are overpriced, but I always seem to find the most unique and perfect card when I go there.  Not only that but I am a Gold Member which I think means I'm their favorite customer... and for being their favorite, they send me MONEY.  Yup!  I get a check from them in the mail at the end of each quarter and they range from $2.00 to $25.00! Seriously, how can that keep you away!?  With my extra funds that they send me, it always comes in handy when a birthday or special occasion comes up!  I used to collect cards from all categories, b/c you never know when you will need one and over time I have used most of them up... some I wonder "why in the world did I buy this" or "this is so NOT funny".  But with kids, life, work, etc. I haven't been able to be the dedicated Hallmark shopper.. but it does bring me to a happy place.

*I love trying to find something unique and personal for friends and family.  I probably should have listed this one first... but its a close tie.  In the past, when you think about getting something from someone as a gift.... you know its special because its from them and hopefully it will remain with you for all time, but over time, people purge things in their home that just add clutter..... but the personal and unique items are sacred and are so precious!  These are the things that mean the most to me, so I guess I assume others feel the same way.  Back in college it was always a big deal when my BFF and I had birthdays b/c we would always get each other a frame personalized or a photo album .  There are so many resources we didn't have before that give you so many options these days!  It just brightens my world and I love to shine the light on my friends and family when I can!

*Taking pictures of my family and friends.  I think documenting the little moments in life are the most fun!! I long to be a professional photographer but in the mean time I pretend.  I must admit though that I'm a bigger fan of posed pictures than candid shots.  I know there are some breath-taking candids out there, but I think the ones I am referring to are the ones where you catch Aunt DeeDee with a mouth full and laughing or while someone is talking and their mouth is gaping open and they have 1 eye open and the other one shut.... I think natural pictures with the colors and light are so beautiful and I am sure that my family gets tired of hearing me say, Smile!! Look at Mama!! Pssstt.... Over here!!! But, when its all said and done, hopefully everyone will be glad for the memories.  I also love taking pictures for my friends for Christmas or any other special occasion.. its just fun to be apart of people's lives and capture the happy times.

*Snuggles and hugs make me happy.  Honestly, how can these things not make a person happy.  It just reminds me of when I was a kid and getting to that age when my parents were embarrassing and I didn't want a kiss on the cheek or to be hugged in public (teenage phase) and I just dread those days with my lil' people!  I am in love with the moments when I can keep Ryan still long enough to hold his hand and have him lay with me or have Reese fall asleep in my arms.  When Ryan was a baby, I used to go super early in the morning to get him from his bed/crib and bring him into bed with me and hold him so close so I could smell him and listen to him breathe.  It made my heart beat!  With Reese, if she stirs in the night, we sometimes go up and get her and bring her down to our bed and I know we both love having her lay on our arm and hug her as we sleep.  Ahh, just some great moments... and I also LOVE getting to snuggle with my hubby and find it comical that when I go to lay on his shoulder, I have some random hairs that almost ALWAYS become an issue and tickle his face and we constantly have to adjust how my head is positioned to keep the wispy hairs from touching his ear or his cheek... cracks me up, but I still love it.

These are just a few things that make me happy.... this could turn into a VERY long post if I keep going, but those are my top picks to share with you today!!

What are the big things in life that make you happy? 
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Kristi Kelly said...

My morning cup of coffee with Itailian sweet cream in it, Watching my girls play with their grandparents, and sewing a new project and it turns out cute! Those are some of the things that make me happy!!