So Long 2010, Hello 2011!

Spending time with the Hughes family!!! Eddie, Terri, Cameron & Dylan.
The couples...
Girls only!
The boys... plus 1 lil' lady!
Great friends!!
Terri meeting Reese for the first time!
Eddie and Reese
The kiddo's! Growing up SOOO FAST!!
Ryan wore these two guys out playing chase, hide n' seek and anything else he could talk them into doing!!
Sweet Reese!
Playing on the floor together!
Reese and her Aunt Tanya!
Zerberts!! Nice lil' bruise too!

Wow, already in 2011! Time really does fly! I have been spending the time off from work trying to think of all the things that 2010 brought and tapping my head to think of what to expect in 2011.
Lets take a look back at the great highlights of 2010.
January: On the 29th, my birthday- we scheduled our appointment to find out the gender of our little baby and decided on a middle name. IT's a GIRL!! Reese McKinley coming in June!
February: Ryan moved into his big boy room!! We decorated it in NFL and got him a full sized bed with matching furniture!
March: Had a wonderful baby shower for Reese. Reese's room was finally finished. Ryan started taking Lil' Sluggar classes.
April: First Easter spent in Mckinney at the Easter Egg hunt and we (more so me) were trying to figure out the best route for giving birth to Reese.
May: Erik had to go for his yearly 2 week training with the Army and we spent this time staying super busy with friends: Illa & Grayson and hitting all the birthday parties as well as spending time with Pap & Gammy in their new home!
June: Reese McKinley was born!
July: We were faced with Ryan's drama about staying in his own bed and not coming into our room at all hours of the night... even had to bribe the little guy with Chuck E Cheese and Buzz Toys!
August: Reese was baptized and this was my last month on maternity leave. My step brother Jason was home for his 2 week R&R from Afganistan and we decided to put our house up for sale in Wylie!
September: Ryan turns 3 years old!!! I had to go back to work (so sad). Our first year as a family to go to the Balloon Festival.
October: Ryan's first year to really get Halloween and dressing him up as BUZZ Lightyear. We finally get a looker to come see our house and got an offer after their first visit! Immediatly set out to find a new house!
November: Moved into our new home in Mckinney. I started my first give away on my blog which was meant to get more business for the host as well as more traffic for my blog... wasn't a huge success but I did it 2 more times! Erik and I decided to attempt dieting as a Couple and made a goal to lose weight and feel better! Reese gets her first two teeth!
December: Reese's First Christmas and our First Christmas in our new home!! All of our family was able to come to our home to share in the holidays.
So, looking back on what events happened in 2010 I thought might help me to come up with some New Years Resolutions for us a family or even by myself or even some ideas of what to look forward to...
*I know as a couple, we want to continue our diet and getting in shape.
*Get a wish list finalized for what all we plan to do in our new home.... (home improvements, etc.)
*Ryan will turn 4 years old!
*Reese will turn 1 years old and learn to crawl, walk and hopefully start talking a lot more!
*Go out on more dates together and try to let go of my fear of leaving the kids to do this.
*Hopefully our land sells.
hmm.... its tough to predict what might happen, but I look forward to everything God has in store for us!

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