Miss Me?

Miss Me?
Ask me about a month ago if I know what that refers to and I would look at you funny. I had no idea that they were a brand of jeans, an expensive pair might I add. I asked for a gift card for Christmas from my hubby so that I could run wild and spend money guilt free. All you Mom's out there probably can relate with me here....
I decide its finally time that I need to get out and get some new clothes! I need new shoes, pants, outfits to wear to work. I get a budget, I get all excited that I am about to uncover the worlds finest treasures! I even call on a few friends to express my excitement about heading out to my favorite stores and make plans to call them later to tell them all of the wonderful things I just found and how happy I am that I finally have some new sassy clothes/shoes to put in my closet! I have these thoughts that when I go out, I will come back with the best bargains that my lil' budget could buy.
I come home with....
The look on Erik's face when I come home each time from an event as described above is priceless. I think over time I have even seen him graduate to rolling his eyes at me when he sees me walk in empty handed.
Here's where I think we might have something in common....
I have a 3yr old son and a 7 month old daughter. Both of them are growing like weeds. You can find some major deals on clothes and shoes for kids and babies! We're talking buying 1 shirt for $9.99 or less, a pair of pants for $3.00. You can really accumulate a bunch of fun new stuff for little people.
Now, when you head out for yourself and go to grab that cute shirt hanging on the rack, starring at you, batting its eyes, begging you to buy it, take it home and cherish it forever.... you slowly make your way to the price tag and try to swallow the gasp so that no one notices your shock level and merely act as if you didn't really like it anyway and put the tag back in its place. Same thing with pants.... shoes...
I think the only thing I can selfishly buy are rubberbands for my hair because I can get 100 of them for $2.99!
Now, for those who know me, you know that I am not the most frugal person alive. I am very picky and that is probably my biggest set back. I just do not like having the tightest shirt on, or the shortest skirt or shorts which seems like all that is being sold these days. I remember walking into my favorite store Ann Taylor Loft and thinking to myself, "if I had $10000.00 right now, I could totally buy everything in this store!" Now, if I'm lucky, I might find one shirt that I like. I am told there are cute things at certain stores and am convinced that as soon as I arrive in the parking lot, the store manager is alerted because they have a tracking device on my car and know that I am there, about to walk in and HIDE EVERYTHING that is cute.
So, I was very excited about my gift card. I didn't want to go nuts with it right after January 1st because I knew so much would still have been picked over for Christmas but slowly ventured out. I have zero jeans that fit me and in the most recent past I have had a lot of luck with going to The Buckle. I walked in, had the gal greet me and explain the layout of the store . The low rise, ass showing jeans are up front, then you move towards the skinny jeans that are made for 7yr olds and finally you are shown the back where normal human women can find jeans. I thought, I am NOT spending over $75 on jeans. Yeah, $75 is a lot, but when you are buying jeans that are going to last, its so worth it. I grabbed a pair or two that were near this amount and headed off for the dressing room. The sales gal kept throwing jeans over the door asking me if I liked them and how things were going. I looked at the tags and thought... 'geesh, she's really wanting me to spend big bucks with these $100 priced jeans'. I said, I really do not like the ones with flaps on the butt pockets. She brought me a pair anyway. I thought, what the heck, I'll give them a try.
It was love.
I hear angels singing. I looked long and hard and did my jean squats to make sure I could actually move in them and they held up and didn't gap in the back (girls with hips know what I'm talking about).
I know I would have said no to them had I not been given a guilt free gift card, so I did it. I went against my desires for a flap on my butt pocket and got these jeans I've never heard of called Miss Me.
and I do... I miss them. So much that I used the 2nd half of my card to go buy another pair! Yes, I did.
I wish I could say this is me from the back, but I wouldn't wear those shoes with jeans, so clearly its not me... heh. j/k!

Above are my 2nd guilt free pair of jeans. I think I'm done... for now, or until the next gift card comes my way.

And what kind of a blogger would I be if I left out new pictures of the kiddo's!

Did you happen to notice the itty bitty pony tail on the top of Reese's head!? Yes, there are a few long strands that I was able to assemble into a tiny rubber band and she was adorable!

Happy Monday!

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Heidi @ Everyday Families said...

Love your new blog look!

Linda Johanson said...

Enjoyed the weekend blog with all the activities & pictures. You really know how to fill up a weekend

As one of the Packers fans, we'll see how next weekend pans out!!!