It's Our System...

Every night, except a very select few... one or both of us is getting up... running upstairs to the aide of one of our little people.  I know there are many couples out there who have a system in place for when it is their turn to get up with the kids.  Please join me as I describe how our system works.

There is a monitor for Ryan located on Erik's nightstand and Reese's monitor is on my side.  They are both equally as loud as the other so we both can hear if one of them needs us.  

Ryan tends to wake up because he needs to go to the bathroom and hasn't quite mastered going on his own, even though his bathroom is within seconds from him.  So, we help him go and tuck him back in.  Its usually pretty quick.  

Reese usually wakes up because she has haphazardly ventured all over her crib and found herself rolled over and shoved in the corner with no way out.  We help get her back in place in the middle of the bed and she easily drifts back to sleep.  Some nights we are super lazy (most nights) and we bring her downstairs to our bed just to save from having to go back up there again if she wakes another time later in the night.

I cannot leave out Mackie, our sweet Golden Retriever who has recently changed her bathroom schedule to be during the night and the need to go outside outweighs her ability to sleep it off.  She will begin to pace around the bed and put her snout on the bed next to one of us or let out a light whimper so one of us will let her out.  This is the longest of the 3 during the night because you have to pretty much wait by the door and give her time to scan the entire yard for that perfect place to leave her mark.  
 The system begins:
One of the monitors goes off at a random time in the night.  We both lay there as still as possible waiting to see if the sound of the cries wakes the other.  I can usually tell when Erik is awake just by the way he is breathing.  Its apparent we are both now awake.  Now.. the question is.. who goes?

A typical conversation:
"Do you want me to go up there?"
"What should we do?"
"Should I go up to check on him/her?"

These are ridiculous questions that we blurt out in the hopes that the other will pop up and take the lead to head up the stairs.  The following statement is always said, "I will go for the next one."  <--Gee thanks is likely what we are both thinking.  When we return, who ever stayed behind always asks, "so, what happened or what was the deal?" and then there is a quick discussion of what caused Ryan or Reese to wake up.  So, even though neither of us is willing to get out of bed, we are not that tired, that we can't wait till the other comes back down for a summary of events to be shared.

Now, when Mackie is calling out for someone to let her out, Erik never seems to hear that.  My ears must be uber sensitive as I can hear the sound of a cricket outside rubbing his legs together or the tick of the fan above our heads.

No matter who gets up at night, we always get to wake up to these adorable faces and it makes it all worth it!
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Gauger Family said...

That is so funny! At least your husband will wake up. Mine does not, he sleeps through EVERYTHING!