Its Long, but its worth it!!

There’s a lot to report on this fine Monday!! 

1st.  I have announced the winner for the Courtney Marie Jewelry Give Away on my Give Away link above!  Take a look b/c she is offering a great deal of 15% Off and Free Shipping to those who are a fan of her page on facebook and she made a few new creations that are TOO cute for Valentine’s Day!

2nd.  My good friend Kristi Kelly is having a week long give away that she is teaming up with another co-blogger/crafter that you won’t want to miss!! Go to her blog here!

3rd.  If you are here for the first time, I ask that you please leave me a comment that you were here and if you think its worth stopping back by, please become a follower!  Its really easy.  Don’t be a lurker.  You would be surprised how many friends you can meet through something as simple as a comment!  In fact, I left one on a girls blog, Ashley last week and I think she might be my twin separated at birth b/c we have so much in common through emails!  Its really not a bad thing to follow a blog.  It gives people the umph to keep blogging!  If you need help becoming a follower, please send me a message! I’d be GLAD to help ya!

And…. now, on to my weekend summary!

I wish I had thought to take a picture of Erik as he was leaving on Saturday morning.  Ryan was on the couch, engrossed in a cartoon and Reese was on the floor looking towards the front door.  Erik waved goodbye and Ryan said, “Bye!”  Then Reese threw her arms up in the air and waved them both (this is her new trick).  It was cute.  So, I asked Erik to send me a picture from the base he is at in Louisiana.  He left for his 2 week annual training ALC (Advanced Leadership Course) which is hopefully replacing the training his unit does later in the year.  This training used to be known as BNOC (Basic Noncommissioned Officer Course).  He actually left  on my birthday this year.erik So, we have 2 weeks to stay busy!

Ryan, Reese and I got ourselves packed up and ready for the day.  We started out having a birthday breakfast at IHOP! YUM!  Breakfast is by far my favorite meal of the day!  No pics of this, but trust me, it was good.

We then decided to take the Dart Train from mid-Plano and head down to the Convention Center with Pap and Gammy.   It was Reese & my first time to take the train and this was Ryan’s 2nd trip!  It was very cool!! I especially loved the crowd of people that joined as we stopped at each port along the way.  There was one very interesting woman who sat in the seat in front of me.  She kindly commented on Reese in her stroller and Ryan who was hanging on me.  She was combing her wig and although I was tempted to ask her where she found her short shorts that were skin tight and had to be cutting off circulation… I was more interested in hearing her conversation to the gentleman across from her as she was explaining that she was a mother of twins who were 8 years old and had another child who was 8 months old and she is pregnant again with twins!  I am not sure what her day job is, but it must pay well to take care of such an extended family.  Wish I had pictures to introduce you, but I am sparing you! 

Here are a few of our happiest moments from our trip to the Convention Center.

Dart Ride

We were heading down to mainly get the train ride experience but also to capture a few shots in front of the Convention Center where they had a huge SUPERBOWL XLV and inside were having a Super Bowl Experience for people who were interested in paying $20+ per person… eh, we' were happy with the pics to prove we were there. 

Me & Kids superbowl

I was trying to decide if the girl who is shown on the right side of our photograph was trying to get in my picture or if that was just her pose?

Packer Fans!!! We found a cool spot where they had some steers and horses on display, so we caught some pictures of that too…

Steer problem steers Ahhh… what a great day to celebrate my birthday!! I wish Erik could have been with us!  It was so pretty outside, the kiddos were happy and I enjoyed spending time with Pap and Kaye!

Sunday we got to spend some time with Erik’s folks who came by the house to visit.

Linda and Reese

Tanya and Ryan

Grandpa & Ryan

And I’ll leave you with one last picture of some fellow Steeler Fans like myself (Tanya is also a fan) but I think this is it when it comes to my family of Steeler Fans.  Everyone is claiming Green Bay for now.

steeler fans

Happy Monday!

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CherishedBliss said...

So cute! Looks like yall had fun! What scrapbooking program do you use for all your pictures...they are adorable!

CherishedBliss said...

oh.. and thanks for including my page :) :)

Linda Johanson said...

I left a comment about your fun-filled weekend, but I might have left it in the wrong section.

I went to Krisit Kelly Designs blog & looked through all her great ideas. She sure has some cute models!!! A very talented lady. It's always nice to see her & her beautiful items at the craft fairs also.

Gauger Family said...

Looks like fun. About your train ride. You got on right where our school is so I"m sure (by your description too) that that lady is a parent at our school, seriously. I can name several that fit that description :) Looks like fun!!

Allison said...

Congrats to the winner!!! Love the post and all the pics :) You are just too cute!

Kristi Kelly said...

Thanks for including my give away friend!!! And thanks Linda for your sweet compliments:) My little models inspire my creations!!

Stephanie said...

Aww, I'm sorry that he had to leave on your birthday, it is never fun to say goodbye, whether it for a long time, or a short time.
Either way sounds like you made the most of it, and had a fantastic weekend! BTW-Happy Birthday! =)

Jenna said...

It looks like you had a great birthday! I love the pics. Your kiddos are super cute!

Craig Johanson said...

Re: Grocery shopping. To your don't know where things are in other stores, add moving things in the same store you always shop at. Their theory is that if you have to look around for something, you'll see something you impulse buy or something you forgot to add to your list