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OMG!  I feel like I just found the best piece of blogging advice and its like a dream come true.  Forgive me if I am the last to know and everyone else out there is saying "Well, Duh!".  I was just checking out one of my favorite bloggers Ashley and she was giving a helpful hint about posts.  I have spent hours loading a post with pictures and then spending about 24 hours making sure they are in the correct order in my post.  Then, there would be times that I would try to delete the spaces between my pictures and end up deleting a picture and have to reload it, drag it to the right spot and try again!  Agh! So, I started to get lazy and didn't care anymore how my pictures showed up b/c it took too much time to go through this process.  Well, if you are like me and are the last to figure things out, let me show you this great update.

Its called 'Updated Blog Editor'...
  1. First go into the "Settings" section of your blog.
  2. Scroll down to the "Global Settings" section. 
  3. Find "Select Post Editor" and click on the circle titled "Updated Editor"
  4. Now, be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Save Settings" to save your changes.
And that's it!
Now you can easily upload images, edit sizes of images, AND drag and drop images exactly where you want them in your post!

I feel so much smarter now!
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Gauger Family said...

Do you use windows live writer? That's what I use and I like it sooooo much better than creating a new post on blogger.com You can download it (free) and it will download your blog for easy blogging. You don't have to be online to write a post and you can set it up to post later on. Nice stuff! Just wondering!!

Kelly and Ryan Walker said...

Is your cute signature a gadget? Or did you design it yourself and add the code in? I want one!!

Snuzi said...

Oh my gosh! Awesome! Just what I needed!!! Thanks!