Things you should know.....

In the midst of trying to finalize our Christmas and post pictures, I got side tracked and stumbled upon a blog that had a fun post that I wanted to do on mine as well! Feel free to comment or even use it on your own blog! I hope to get to my Christmas pictures and post soon. I think a slide show might be the best route! Stay tuned... for now:

Things you should know about me
if we're going to be BFF:
I am an Only Child
I love Puppy breath and the smell of new puppy paws
I am OCD about my house and its appearance
Hair on the floor gets on my nerves even though its mostly mine
I take the strands of hair that fall out in the shower and put them on the wall
Macaroni and Cheese is my all time favorite meal made by Kraft
I have issues with patience and its something I pray for every night
I adore each and every friend although I may not always show it
I love the smell of my babies feet and the base of their necks
I worry when people throw a ciggarette out the window that if I roll over it, my car will blow up
Tapping noises drive me batty, any repeating sounds fall in this category
I cannot stand the smell of popcorn in a theater
I love photography
I wish I could be a professional party or event planner
I hate hamburgers and do not get how people crave steak
I love to mow and vacuum and see the lines
I drive too fast
I wish I had more blog friends :)
I love cake & chocolate but am picky about what kinds
I cover myself from head to toe in lotion daily and feel awful without it
I love fashion, clothes.. shoes, but feel guilty buying for myself
I am blunt
I love celebrity gossip
I am a Pittsburg Steeler fan
just to name a few.......
What about you?
As your bloggy bff, what do I need to know?
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Julia said...

I'm so the opposite on the lotion thing---the feel of lotion on my hands makes me crazy. I usually go and wash it off immediately, which is why my sister always tells me I have "old" hands. She's right--they are very wrinkle-y!

My hair gets all over the place too! It drives me crazy when I'm drying my girls off after their bath, and I find my hair stuck to them--ew! I put my hair on the shower wall too! :)

Paige said...

I love your list! Mac & Cheese is one of my favorites as well. Smoking is so gross, and I always step on the ciggs if I see them burning. It is such a pet peeve to me! Want more blog friends? Come join me! =)