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Just have to brag on Ryan. I have always wondered if we would ever get to this point where I could annouce that he was potty trained completely. It feels like it has been a year long or more process. I remember asking my friend Kristi about her daughter and how you know especially at night when you can stop using diapers. She told me after a few weeks or maybe longer her daughter was waking up with a dry diaper and basically realized that it was time and to quit wasting money on diapers.... so, that's exactly how it happened for Ryan! He has been potty trained during the day but we were always too scared to risk it at night. He drinks so much at night and I know I have a tiny bladder so I can't imagine going through an entire night without having to go and I'm an adult! It has been about a month with every night turning up a dry diaper! So, we are now on day 3 of being a big boy at night and I'm super excited!! The only issue now is trying to figure out how to get him to go to the bathroom by himself. Also the light switches are much higher than he can reach... so we'll have to invest in many nightlights to guide him or a stool for the light switch.. Nonetheless we are super proud of him and wanted to share. All my Mommy friends/readers will understand that this is a big deal! ha!

On another topic.. Every morning during the work week, we have a routine with the kids to get ready and out the door so Erik and I have a shot at making it to work on time! Each morning lately, Ryan comes to me and asks, "Mommy, You got Money's?" Typically I don't, so then he goes to Erik and asks, "Daddy, You got Money's?"... until he finds one of us with a $1.00 because his goal is to get in the car and have me stop at the donut store to pick up donut holes. We usually find a dollar some how/some where to avoid drama in the mornings, plus he doesn't really eat anything for breakfast, so if we can get him to eat at all, we're golden!!

I'm driving him to daycare after picking up the beloved donut holes and look back asking Ryan why he isn't eating his donut holes? He looks at me and says, "Because, I share with Bella Boo". I thought.. oh, okay.. We arrive to school and walk in to his class where Bella is standing there with stars in her eyes as Ryan walks in with donut holes.

Ryan has forgotten me, doesn't even turn back to hug or kiss me goodbye... he is finding a place at the table for Bella and him to sit together. I am told by the teachers that Ryan does not share with ANY other kids in the class and if Bella isn't there until later in the morning, he waits until she arrives before he opens them up to eat/share. How stinkin' cute is that!?

I asked for a photo to capture this cuteness!!
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Heidi @ Everyday Families said...

Oh my goodness - that is so sweet! And congratulations on the potty training!