Ready for Santa!

Johanson Family is ready for Santa!! We went to see the official Santa at the Village in Allen and I must say, it was pretty cool. A friend told me you could sign in to see Santa on your computer from home and they send you a text message when your turn is coming by giving you a count down in minutes till your turn. I thought this was pretty cool. I got a text giving us 64 minutes and about 28 people were ahead in line. Then moments later it said I was number 11 in line and our turn was in 6 minutes... some how we jumped ahead pretty quick and we hadn't even left the house yet! So, it gives you an option to ask for more time... seriously, who ever came up with this should be given some kind of award! Now, if only Dr's office's would come up with something this fancy! No one would be standing around waiting in the office anymore! The only set back for this whole 'text me when its my turn' idea is that it was not well advertised. I was about to pack up the kids, and plan to stand in line for as long as it took in the cold and wind to see Santa. I saw many other people who did not know about this sign in and when they showed up, they were so excited to see there was no line, but there was an elf there to stop them and show them that they were going to have to wait for an hour or more behind everyone else who had already signed in. What a bummer. This was definitly the way to go!! Here we are in front of the massive tree just after seeing Santa. I don't have the prof. pictures from this adventure posted, but a few others instead.....
Santa came to visit the kiddo's at school and I left my camera with the teachers asking for them to take pictures for me. Here below you see Ryan with his two best friends, Hudson and Bella. I love these pictures!!!!
Ryan telling Santa what he wants for Christmas. Oddly enough, he is asking for a Buzz and a Woody. I am not sure why because we have about 5 or 6 of each character in some toy or figure at home already.
And it was Reese's turn to sit with the jolly ole' man! She seemed to do pretty well and also did well with the official Santa at the Village. I wish I could buy all of the pictures they had b/c there was this one where Ryan was smiling at the camera and Reese was looking up at Santa... and Santa leaned over slightly to kiss her on her forehead.. it was such a sweet picture. I regret not getting at least 1 shot of that for memories. Darn it.
Earlier in the weekend before our venture out to see Santa, Ryan's best friend Bella came over to spend most of the day with us while her parents had to work and attend a kid-free event. I took some pics of the two of them having fun together.
Needless to say, they had a blast!
So, the Christmas weekend is upon us and we have lots to do! I have really slacked this year in my gift buying and I don't know why. I think part of it is that I think too hard about it and stress myself out when it shouldn't be so hard. There are still gifts to be wrapped and purchased but its getting close and I feel we are pretty much ready!
I can't wait till Christmas morning!!

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