Its looking a lot like Christmas!

So we finally have put up our tree and decorated!! We bought a real Douglas Fur from the tent down the street and its really pretty! This was Ryan's first time to really understand and help decorate the tree. It was very fun. I had a step ladder for him to go up as high as he could to help put ornaments up, but typically they all were grouped together in the exact same place on the tree... so, there was a bit of reorganization that occured after the placement but it was still a lot of fun! Reese was sacked out in bed but got to see it when it was all done the next day!

Ta-Da! The Johanson Christmas Tree 2010

My lil' sweeties.. I just love how they interact with each other.. melts my heart!
First Christmas with his baby sister!! Aw....
My sweet boy!
My darling angel!
And I just had to put these on here too b/c I think they are so cute!! Father and Son with winter beanie hats, ready to tackle the cold outside to play a little soccer!
I just love this picture! I am so glad I caught it at right moment! High Five's!!

Let the holidays begin!!

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Kristi Kelly said...

I love these pics!!! Ryan and Reese are precious little Christmas Angels!!! Your tree looks great too:)

Gammy said...

Awww....the pics of Ryan and Reese are so cute. I love the one of Reese looking at her big brother - so sweet. Christmas is going to be fun this year with two grandkids! Your tree does look great!