How we celebrate Christmas!

2010 Version of all you ever wanted to know about how we celebrate Christmas*** but didn't care enough to ask :)

1. Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate? I'll go with Hot Chocolate.. I've never tried Egg Nogg, but the words Egg and Nog just don't sound good.. so much like a young child afraid of things that are green, I'll just say that I don't like Egg Nog.

2. Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree? When I was growing up, I would come out to the tree and my Santa gifts would always be unwrapped and scattered around the room and it was always so amazing that my eyes couldn't take it all in at once! Of course it was nice to be the only child and know that it was all mine.. ha! Now that Erik and I have 2 little ones ourselves, we are planning to leave the gifts out unwrapped. I've seen some cute stuff on having siblings and knowing which toys are theirs which I find facinating. With a boy and a girl, I'm sure it will be all too obvious. I'm curious how others do it with multiple kids or what it was like when they grew up with siblings?

3. Colored lights on tree/house or white? Hands down it's white! No offense to those who love colored lights, but I just love the clean look of white lights and how they shine. Colored lights seem so dim and scattered, guess it depends on how you use them.

4. Do you hang mistletoe? I've never hung mistletoe... and don't recall it being hung when I was a kid either.

5. When do you put your decorations up? Well the idea is to get them up right after Thanksgiving, but things always have a way of creeping up on us and that gets pushed back a little. We have our Christmas tree now and just need to get the house decorated and festive!

6. What is your favorite holiday dish? Christmas dinner is always pretty much a repeat of Thanksgiving dinner in my eyes. I look forward to turkey and all the fun that comes with it. Maybe a splash of Ham?

7. Favorite Holiday memory as a child? All I can recall is finding the energy to be awake by 5am or somewhere around there to run in and get my parents and get them to run to the tree with me. I was always so scared to go by myself.. I guess I was worried that Santa might still be there and what I would do if he saw me coming out too early! ha!

8. When and how did you learn the truth about Santa? One year, probably when I was about 8years old we were driving to Mississippi to visit family there for Christmas and my Dad took me along with him to play tennis (I watched) and when the game was over, he told me to put the raquets in the trunk of the car and when I opened it up.. I saw an Alf doll. Remember when the show Alf was on? I used to love that show... not sure why, but this Alf doll was a talking one. Nonetheless, I was disappointed and didn't say anything-- woke up Christmas morning and it was set out as if Santa had brought it. I think I really screwed up when I told my folks that I knew b/c that ended Santa from that point forward.... no reason to wake up early anymore...

9. Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve? It was FORBIDDEN!! Even if someone offered to let me open a gift on Christmas Eve, I never would. I loved the build up of Christmas morning.

10. How do you decorate your Christmas tree? For many years now I have been a big collector of Hallmark ornaments... even became a member and I love them.... but now that I have kids... I like them better in the boxes they came in. To me, these are not just balls that can be packed up with tissue, they must be returned to the same box with whatever wrapping they came in.... and over time, this gets really old.. so, we do the plastic balls and white lights with icicles! :)

11. Snow! Love it or Dread it? As it relates to Christmas, I think it is beautiful, but overall I'm not down with being cold..

12. Can you ice skate? I used to be able to, I recall a time in Alaska skating on a pond and having to go to the bathroom so bad that my Dad pulled me off to the side to pee on the ice pond... I have memories of a hole burning through but that could just be a dream. Heh!

13. Do you remember your favorite gift? I think it would have to be my polaroid camera or the barbie house.. its a toss up!

14. What's the most important thing about the Holidays for you? Being with my family and feeling the joy of togetherness as we celebrate the birth of Christ.

15. What is your favorite Holiday Dessert? As a kid it was always Cinnamon rolls, home made.. haven't had those in a while but everytime I have a cinnamon roll, I'm brought back to that!

16. What is your favorite holiday tradition? see #15

17. What tops your tree? An angel which sadly this year had part of her decorations ripped off when Ryan discovered her in the box. I said, oh please don't pull anything off her and there he goes.... then asks, "Why?" agh!

18. Which do you prefer giving or Receiving? As a child I think I would have said receiving, no doubt... but I definitley prefer to give and make others happy!

19. What is your favorite Christmas Song? Brace yourself.... Mariah Carey's "All I want for Christmas is you!".. but more serious songs would have to be Silent Night.. oh and "Baby its cold outside"

20. Candy Canes: Yuck or Yum? Ick... never been a huge fan.

21 Favorite Christmas Show? I don't even recall a favorite show.. I guess I'd have to pick Christmas Story, although I'd prefer not to have to watch it again but find myself sitting down watching anyway.

22. Saddest Christmas Song? Gosh, I can't think of a sad song, it seems like such a joyous time... you know some songs that are happy can pull at your heart though..

Go ahead, copy this post and fill it out on your blog. See? I'm all about giving. :) Leave me a comment that you posted it, I'd love to hear about your Christmas!!
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