Here is our Christmas Card. I was really pleased with how it turned out!! I have never purchased a card from Shutterfly before but they are really getting some hip designs!! I am sure most if not all of the readers of my blog already got theirs in the mail but I am sharing in the event someone was missed.
Sending out Christmas cards is a huge thing for me each year. I put a lot of time into picking the right card and making sure we have our family pictures taken each year.... you'd think Erik would be used to it by now, but each year, he is being dragged to tend to these yearly obligations.
I think December and Christmas are such an exciting time and I doubt anyone can disagree that checking the mail is much more exciting during this time. I think the number of cards we send out is in the neighborhood of about 125 and I send it to everyone I know.... and this includes the President of the United States, even though I don't know him, or like him.. I still send one.
When I was a kid and George Bush Sr. was President, I used to send him letters and was always facinated because I got a letter back each time! I felt very important! I still have his letters saved. I am pretty sure he didn't personally write them, but they came in an envelope from the WHITE HOUSE and sometimes I'd get lucky and the address on the envelope was hand written! So, I continued this as I got older and skipped over the Clinton years for obvious reasons and sent one to the Bush family each Christmas. I always got something back. I took it a step farther, as if I haven't already shocked you enough by sending out 125 cards each December... but I also started to send Birth Annoucements for both of my children, Birthday Invitations and even Wedding Invitations! I got something back each time! My favorite is the letter we got from George W. welcoming Ryan into the United States and was so proud to call him an American. Aww....
I sent a Christmas card against my better judgment to Barack Obama because I felt that I needed to be consistent even if I don't like the leader and maybe he got wind that I don't like him because I didn't get anything back. How disappointing! I did get a letter back for Reese's birth, so I guess he made up for it then. I am giving him another shot this Christmas. We will see if his staff has been trained yet.
And because I have such warm and fuzzies for the Bush family still, I also send a Christmas card to George W's family who has moved back to Dallas after his term and hope someday I can run into him and say, "HI!! I send you cards all the time!" and hope he gives me a huge hug and says how much he has enjoyed them and invites me to family dinners from here on out... haha...
Merry Christmas Friends/Family and Bloggers!
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