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First before I begin to ramble, I wanted to take a moment and ask you to check out the new link I added to the right!! What is it!? Its a recipe blog! "But Janette, You don't cook!" Yes, this is usually true, but every now and then I find a recipe that peeks my interest and I also love to surprise Erik every now and then with a new dish! The fewer the ingredients the better, but at least I try! So, rather than email all my friends and family when I think I've found a great recipe, I thought I'd add it to my blog! Check it out if you are looking for ideas and I'll add to it often!!

So, on to my rambles...

Each day I drive to and from work, I find myself in a trance.. driving along with the sounds of whatever video Ryan has found on my iphone (usually Toy Story or Special Agent OSO <--do not download this, trust me) or the shrill squeaks of Reese when we stop at a light or stop sign because she hates to be sitting still. I am thinking VERY hard.

Deep thoughts... by Janette (remember these from SNL? back when it was good?)

Imagine being in a restaurant and seeing people at their tables. Some are sitting back happy and content from finishing a delicious meal and then there are those that are sitting at their tables waiting for their order to be taken or for their meal to be delivered. Its a scene we are all too familiar with, right? Chatter is occuring throughout and you are able to find peace in your dining experience.

Now.. lets think in terms of babies. Imagine walking into a restaurant and finding those people who are waiting to be fed all sitting at their tables crying. I just find this to be funny. I mean, I know its sad to hear a little baby crying when they are hungry but can you imagine if a bunch of adults were crying and throwing themselves on the floor out of pure hunger!?

Then I start to think about being at work and somebody handing me some paper or any office supply that is pertinent to my job and moving about my day.....

And again, I go off thinking... what if I started putting everything people handed me in my mouth? How weird would that look?!

I guess the deep thoughts are just a result of being surrounded by my sweet lil' 3yr old who is in the midst of going through random phases and a darling almost 5month old daughter who actually doesn't cry much but when she is hungry, she'll let you know and shoves everything in her mouth.

Sweet lil' kiddo's and these are my thoughts as I drive.... Pin It

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Emma Jones said...

I loove looove loveed the chocolate cake balls from there that you brought to us at work! HOLY MOLY it melted in my mouth!!