Finally getting settled

Ahh, we are finally settled in our new home. Feels so good!! It took a while to get all of the boxes unpacked and figure out where things will go, but it finally feels like home. Its hard to believe that Christmas is 27 days away!! I got all of the boxes out of the house and now I am bringing boxes back in to get ready for Christmas decorations! We looked around our neighborhood and people were putting lights up BEFORE Thanksgiving! What's up with that? Its like 103.7 (KVIL) starting to play Christmas music way too early. CRAZY! So, we rushed to get some lights up on the house. We're going simple this year with icicles on the trim, voila!
I hope to have some pictures of the kiddos in the next posts. The most exciting news to share is that Reese has turned 5 months old and can now officially sit up on her own and if that's not exciting enough, she also has her first tooth coming in! I got a text message from her teacher at school telling me it popped through at school. She's taking it very well and slobbering like a mad woman. Too cute!
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!

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Heidi @ Everyday Families said...

I'm glad to hear that the teething process wasn't too painful . . . it certainly can be!

Janette said...

Thanks Heidi... the teething process hasn't been too bad _yet_.. I know the molars will be tough. Thanks for stopping by!!