Reese.....Smiles... Licks...Tootsies!

It is so fun having a girl!!! I tried to paint Reese's toes a few weeks ago by buying some baby pink by Wet & Wild brand and basically had to paint her entire toes to get the paint to stick... must be the brand, so I decided to give my OPI brand a test and all I had was dark pink/red... but I still think it looks ADORABLE... and this time the paint stuck! I just want to eat up her lil' toes!! SO CUTE!!!!!!
Don't mind my big ole' feet, but I just wanted to get a picture of her lil' tootsies next to mine.
Reese is getting so animated.. cute little squeals that I call a laugh.. she loves her exersaucer and is so strong!!
Cute lil' tongue stickin' out...
AHHH!!! she's even got a lil' bubble on the end of her tongue this time!! So cute.
I love this picture!!
I will have to dig up the picture of Ryan from this age b/c I swear its identical!!! I'll repost this picture again soon with that other pic so you can see!!
Mackie is always standing by to get a lick in... slllurrp!!
Such a sweet little angel.

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