It's Fall Ya'll

Fall wouldn't be the same without a trip to the Dallas Arboretum!
Pap and Gammy joined us
I love seeing pictures of Ryan and Pap.. so cute, reminds me of when I was a kid. Ryan was telling Pap that he really wanted to ride the straw horse you see behind the chain.
Me and Kaye
Linda and Craig joined as well!! :)
Love my Pap!!!
Gammy and Reese!! Love her little smiles!!
Ryan was launching himself on the hay stacks and here he is looking up at Pap! I just love his sweet blue eyes!
Ryan taking advantage of the free space and maze to chase Pap around!
Little lady
Just look at that face!!! Awww.....
The girls
Cute pics of Gammy and Grandma with Reese.
Family pictures aren't the same these days, trying to capture the attention of everyone at the exact same time and have everyone ready with a smile is tough, but we got the best pic we could!!
Grandparents with the Grandkiddos!
Grandma & Grandpa Johanson with Reese-ie!
Grandpa Johanson and Reese!
Pap and Reese!!
Pap and Gammy with Reese!
Our little family... love these lil' punkins!
Daddy and his babes!
Me and my cutie pies!
Sweet couple shot!! Craig and Linda!
Couples shot of Kaye and Pap!
Ryan and Reese
Sweet RJ... he had a great time!
Thank you to our sweet grandparents for coming out this fall with us to hopefully start a tradition of yearly pumpkin pictures!
Happy Fall!

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