Hard to believe we've hit the 3 month mark!! Reese is such a happy baby!!! Here are a few pictures we have captured recently...
Sweet Smiles for Daddy.. I wish my camera would move faster b/c I only caught the last seconds of her smile.
I recently started putting Reese in her Excersaucer to change up the activities and give her more to look at... her lil' legs don't quite reach, but I think she enjoys the new surroundings..
She is very attentive and is sure to check everything out...
She even has discovered her hands and lately has been enjoying shoving them in her mouth and sucking on them.. I remember the days when Ryan would put everything in his mouth, so it looks like we are starting that stage with Reese! :)
Reese has her next check up at 4 months old to see how much she has grown. She eats very well and sleeps like a champ!! We are only swaddling her at night and she is also doing great at daycare. I think having a small class of babies helps her get all the attention she needs and I know the staff at daycare loves having her there. They always tell me how they fought over who got to hold her the longest.
Sweet baby girl!

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