A Phase or What?

This is strictly a journal entry or a post asking others who may stumble upon my blog for advice.

I have written recently about an issue that began when Reese was born about Ryan who will be turning 3 (if that makes a difference) in a few weeks who started waking up in the night and running into our room 3, sometimes 4 times a night. We tried reasoning with him, getting upset with him, locking him in his room to "cry it out" and finally found a tool that seemed to cure him. We bought a goal chart at the local teacher's store that we wrote goals for him and each night he stayed in his bed, he would get closer to that goal. The final prize was going to Chuck E Cheese.
After that trip to see Chuck E, he didn't ask for more prizes or even to color his chart. He just started doing great! I would tuck him in, and say our prayers, kisses and goodnight's and walk out and he would fall asleep and not wake until morning when I'd go in to get him or open his door to let him wake up on his own and come out.

So, about 2 weeks ago he started crying again when I would say goodnight and begin my walk to his door to leave. He would repeat, "Don't Go!".... hearing this for the first time might make you feel sad for him and stay, but after hearing it over and over again, it is just frustrating.

I have tried to say everything under the sun to make him feel better. I've even gone so far as to go and buy him a present and show it to him at night telling him that if he can stay in his room and not cry during the night, he can open it in the morning. Didn't work. I know he wants to go to Chuck E Cheese again, but I"ve even mentioned that at night and it doesn't seem to stop him from waking up around 3am and crying out. I am not talking about a little cry, we're talking belting it out crying.

Last night, I went in to comfort him and he told me he did not want to stay there. I told him I was sorry, but Mommy is tired and I left him in his room crying. I know my gut instinct was telling me to go back in there and wait till he falls asleep and then sneak out, but I just am too tired of this to stay anymore. So, I came back to our room, shut our door and turned his monitor down so I couldn't hear him cry.

The main issue with this is Reese's room is right across from Ryan's and our walls aren't thick and I worry he will wake her up which is probably why I would go back in there before... but luckily she did not wake up through his 2 1/2 hour on and off crying that went from 3:40am to about 5:30am.

I just feel defeated and Erik and I are pooped. Lights and tv are out for us by 9pm or 9:30 just so we can get as much sleep as we can knowing that we will be woken up in the night.

I know things will get better and when Ryan is 15years old, we can laugh about this, but right now it just feels exhausting.

I also have thought about his age and I realize its just a phase, but I also wonder if he is starting to understand "fear" because he mentions things being "scary" and monsters. He has a nightlight that is plenty bright and I've even tried to unplug it before thinking the light might be too much. I guess I just don't know what else to do.

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Michelle said...

I think it's definitely a phase. I read in some Parent magazine where it said kids of this age do this. My daughter Ashleigh does the same thing. I wish I had advice to offer, but sadly I don't. We've tried everything, and some nights are fine, but other nights she just cries and cries or keeps coming out of her room. At least you know you're not alone! :) Good luck!