Birthday Parties Galore!

September is a busy month full of birthdays! We have had a birthday party every weekend since this month started for Ryan's friends. 1st was Noah's, then Hudson's, we are celebrating Ryan's this coming weekend and then Ryan's friend Bella is having a party after that. Whew!! Also, my step brother's birthday is this month, Ryan's and my step mom's! BUSY is the only way to describe it!!
Here are a few shots I took when we went to Hudson's party. Hudson is one of Ryan's best friends at school. They pal around with a lil' girl named Bella who you will be able to guess when you see the pictures. They are the cutest little trio. At school, they are in swim club together and just about anytime an activity comes up, they all have to do it together b/c they are so sad when one of them is missing.

First time ever, that I am aware of... Ryan eats cake!! WHOA! I had to get it on camera just to show Erik that it actually happened!!! Ryan does not like cake, cookies or anything chocolate. He normally turns down cake at parties, but maybe since Hudson was doing it, he did it too? Who knows... just glad to see him enjoying some!!
For Friends in the area, this party was held at Little Harts Preschool and I never knew it existed but it was really a neat place to have a party
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