Visit with Friends

While Erik was off at Drill, we went over to Pap and Gammy's house to meet our friends for a little swimming... Here is Reese basking in the sunlight... it was HOT!
My friend Jacquie brought an extra pair of floaties which I have now learned that Ryan feels very comfy with in the pool... off to the store to buy some for next time!!! He actually was floating around in the pool by himself and with a few lessons on kicking and moving around, he'll be a pro before long!
My friend Jacquie, and her two cuties... Walker and Grayson with Ryan!
The boys!
My friend Kristi came by to visit with her two girls and had a good time playing with Ryan... Sweet Kyndall and Avery and Ryan
We've had a few visitors as you can tell, which also include my good friend Sarah who brought her daughters.... Below is Avery with Reese!
Hannah and Reese!
What a great group of friends!

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