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2 weeks down and we are starting to get into the swing of things! Ryan adores his baby sister and loves to give her hugs and kisses... he loves to hold her too!! The two biggest updates are that we went for a 2 week check up with Reese and she's growing and doing great! The Dr. said that I didn't have to wake her up at night to feed her and that she can sleep as long as she wants.. what a relief!! I was setting my alarm to wake up every 3 hours and trying to feed a sleepy baby.... it feels so much better that she and I can sleep longer in the night and when she does wake, its much easier to feed her! And our second update is that Ryan is on a new kick or phase that actually began a week before Reese was born. A little history... Ryan has been in his big boy bed/bedroom since February. He has always remained in his bed ALL night until morning when I would normally go in and wake him up. All of a sudden, Ryan now wakes on average 3 times a night and comes running down the hall into our room. We are trying everything but it is EXHAUSTING and frustrating to say the least. Just when we have 1 baby down for a good nights rest, we are dealing with another. I guess this is our initiation into having 2 children... whatever it is, I hope it ends soon! I hope that by my next post, I can tell everyone that Ryan is now making it through the night and sleeping like a champ! Please keep your fingers crossed.
Below are some pictures, in no particular order of our journey since I posted last!
Ryan smiling because he is about to go see Toy Story 3 with his Daddy!!! To infinity and beyond!
Ryan and I went on a few errands and stopped to get a few fireworks to do on our front drive way.. here we are after we set off a few... Reese was tuckered out and they didn't phase her at all!
Ryan and Daddy stopping for a photo in between lighting firecrackers and sparklers!
Me and my baby girl....
I have been interested in a Nap Nanny since early in my pregnancy with Reese. We decided to get one and I think you can tell that Reese is sleeping like a trooper and loves it!!
So sweet.. I love watching Erik and Ryan with Reese!
No kid could be complete without a potato head... Ryan is here sporting the teeth of this poor faceless potato.
Tummy Time!!
My girl..we love pink.. what can I say!
Ryan helping Reese with her dangle toys as he enjoys them himself!!
Until next time!!

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